Perfect Dark Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

A new Perfect Dark film is on its way, years after the last installment in the series was released, and it appears like we’ll be stepping into the shoes of superspy Joanna Dark once more.

While there is no firm release date, there are still many facts flying about the game and what it will be like, so we’ve compiled all of the most important information for you right here.

Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark’s Trailer and Release Date

In late 2020, during the Game Awards, the Perfect Dark revival was officially unveiled, along with a glittering video that offers a very clear image of the environment it will take place in.

However, it does not conclude with a release date, and we are still in the dark about when we may expect to play the game more than a year after it was announced. However, given the absence of news around it, we believe it is exceedingly improbable that it will be released in 2022.

Industry analyst Jeff Grubb recently stated that he expects the reboot to be released in 2023 or 2024 and that it may be shown off at E3 in 2022, although there isn’t much evidence to back up his claims.

Unfortunately, according to a recent report from VGC, there has been a significant amount of turnover among the team working on Perfect Dark, which does not give the impression that the project is in good health. As a result, the project may be further behind schedule than originally anticipated.

Perfect Dark Platforms

The platform on which you’ll be able to play Perfect Dark is something we can be a lot more certain about – it’s being created by The Initiative, which is a part of Xbox Game Studios, and will be available on the Xbox One X and S, as well as the PC.

When the game is released, it will surely also be available on Xbox Game Pass (as well as PC Game Pass), meaning that users of either service will be able to play it without incurring any additional fees.

Unsurprisingly, this implies that you will not be able to play the game on the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

Perfect Dark Storyline

According to what has been mentioned about the game thus far, it appears to be a reboot rather than a sequel to the previous Perfect Dark titles – you can hear more about this in the developer diary embedded below.

That initial trailer portrays a world where the environmental crisis has unfurled and is being faced with ever-growing corporate power as the private enterprise moves in to assume control of countermeasures against weather patterns and disasters.

Corruption is on the agenda this time around, as gamers will again take control of Joanna Dark to unearth some conspiracy plan. In the first trailer, you can see glimpses of what appears to be some biological laboratory.

As a result, we’re curious if this will serve as a key story element when the game launches or just a way to establish the tone for what’s to come in the following chapters.

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Perfect Dark Gameplay

One aspect of Perfect Dark’s gameplay can be predicted: it will be a shooter in some capacity. After all, the series is one of the most iconic first-person shooter franchises of all time, so we wouldn’t be shocked if the gameplay was significantly changed for the revival.

However, what it will offer beyond that is unclear, though there are a few safe predictions that can be made based on the information we now have.

With an espionage theme, we expect you’ll have lots of devices at your disposal, and stealth will likely play a role up to the point where you’re caught and forced to go all-out with your weapons of choice.

Although we haven’t seen any gameplay footage or received any other specific information from The Initiative, we can’t be positive of what kind of game you can anticipate until we see any gameplay footage or receive more definite information from them.

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