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Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 RELEASE Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

This past weekend’s marathon of Kotaro Lives Alone was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our year thus far.

Many anime lovers feel the same way, having been captivated by this humorous yet uplifting Netflix series and having watched it several times. All that remains is for you to tune in and witness this incredible animation!

Suppose, like us, you finish this series in one sitting. In that case, you’re impatiently awaiting a second season, especially given the plethora of unanswered issues, such as Kotaro’s father’s whereabouts and Kotaro’s mother’s identity.

Season 1 may not be the best place to begin learning about our feudal-Japan-obsessed child, but there is a strong likelihood that season 2 will address these and other issues. That is, assuming we are fortunate enough to earn a second season.

Is Kotaro Lives Alone set to return for a second season? Or was this a one-and-done anime series on Netflix in 2022? We will inform you of what we know thus far.

kotaro lives alone season 2

Updates for Kotaro Lives Alone season 2

Unfortunately, it does not appear as though Kotaro Lives Alone will receive a second season at the moment, given that the first season’s closing episode felt more like a series ending than a season finale.

Additionally, Kotaro Sato’s journey appears to have gone full circle in that he has discovered that his genuine strength has nothing to do with living alone.

Given all of this, a season 2 of this anime may be quite redundant. We are still very optimistic that a second season would not encounter this issue, given the amount of content left to tell, whether official or not.

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We may witness Kotaro gain other life lessons or meet additional new acquaintances. Perhaps we might discover more about Shin Karino’s career and determine whether or not he would ever achieve success. Perhaps we’ll meet Mizuki down the road. The possibilities are limitless, but only time will tell if any of this materializes.

As is customary, the ball is in Netflix’s court, and we’ll keep you updated once or if the streaming company makes any positive announcements. Until then, head over to Netflix and re-watch Kotaro Lives Alone!

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