Interstellar 2: When Will It Release? 

Interstellar is a sci-fi film directed by Christopher Nolan. He has also served as co-writer and produced the film alongside Emma Thomas and Lynda Obst.

The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Bill Irwin, Michael Caine, and Ellen Burstyn. The film was released on October 26, 2014, in Los Angeles, California and later it was rolled out all across the world. 

The film is set in an apocalyptic future where humanity suffers to prevail and revolves around a team of astronauts, they travel over a wormhole close to Saturn while looking for a new home for humanity.

The film gathered a lot of appreciation from the viewers as well as critics and has an IMDB rating of 8.7 out of 10 and 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

It made a business of around $188 million in the United States and Canada; in the rest of the countries, it earned $489.4 million, and hence the aggregate total of earnings across the world amounts to $677.4 million against an overall production budget of $165 million. 

So, here’s what we know so far about Interstellar 2, read out the full article to know everything about it.

Will There Be Interstellar 2?

Given the way Interstellar ended, nothing has been left unanswered or incomplete that prompts us to expect a second installment of the film.

The film ended exceptionally well. But, despite this, the fans of the film are expecting for Interstellar 2. Let us make it clear that nothing has been shared or hinted at that makes us believe that there will be a sequel to the film.

In November 2014, in a statement, McConaughey said that he would be overwhelmed to get back for the Interstellar film in order to reprise his role.

In addition to that, he mentioned that he would of course try to give his best performance for the film if it happens and he is given the opportunity to be a part of the project for the second installment of Interstellar.

With this statement, we can have a hope of getting a sequel to the film. Although, it has been even years since this interview happened and no update came out since then.

So, we would suggest fans not raise their expectations too high or even don’t keep it since it is unlikely that there will be Interstellar 2. 

Interstellar 2
Interstellar 2

It is obvious that positive news about the sequel of the film would have lighted up but it seems like director, co-writer Christopher Nolan likes to let the epic ending of the movie be the final conclusion of Interstellar.

If you are some of those who haven’t watched this epic film yet we would suggest watching it since you are missing out on an amazing movie. The movie is available to watch exclusively just on streaming giant Netflix

McConaughey had said that if the sequel happens then the script has to be really strong for him to get back for Interstellar 2, which means that he is not ready to be back for the project in case the story becomes a little flimsy.

And this is obvious since the movie has made such a fanbase that the sequel would hold so many expectations to do justice with the original one. 

We cannot expect anything and already a long time has passed since the release of the film which makes us believe that there won’t be any sequel to this epic film. We will keep you updated with all the latest information on the subject until then stay tuned.

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