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Duraludon Is Now Available in Pokémon UNITE: Know Move Set, Best Build

Duraludon, now ready to join your squad in Pokémon UNITE, will help you spin out the competition. This Ranged Attacker is prepared to use light, fling claws, and rip the earth apart to win.

Duraludon’s primary attack is a ferocious burst of light shot from its lips, inflicting damage on any Pokémon it comes into contact with.

This move boosts each subsequent attack, firing out a long beam that delivers significant damage to any opponent Pokémon it strikes. Duraludon’s Ability, Heavy Metal, stops it from being thrown or shoved after it is triggered and then goes on cooldown.


Duraludon’s Techniques

Duraludon can learn Laser Focus and Metal Claw at levels 1 and 2. For a brief while, using Laser Focus mitigates Duraludon’s damage. Duraludon’s basic attacks damage opponent Pokémon up to three times after using Laser Focus.

Duraludon uses Metal Claw to hit with its sharp claws, damaging enemy Pokémon and temporarily slowing their mobility. Duraludon’s next basic attack becomes strengthened when it uses Metal Claw.

Laser Focus may be upgraded to either Flash Cannon or Dragon Pulse. 5. When Duraludon uses Flash Cannon, he ruptures the ground in a certain direction, delivering damage to enemy Pokémon in the area of effect and temporarily slowing their movement speed.

Duraludon will amass all of its light energy and discharge it all at once as a cannon of light for a limited duration following the usage of this ability when it conducts a basic or boosted attack.

These cannon strikes have a longer range and inflict damage on all opponent Pokémon that come into contact with the light.

Boosted cannon attacks deliver more damage than standard cannon strikes and temporarily slow down the movement speed of the enemy Pokémon they hit. When the Flash Cannon is improved, it disables enemy Pokémon in the area of effect for a brief while.

Duraludon’s second move, Dragon Pulse, charges up its power before inflicting damage on opponent Pokémon inside the area of impact.

While charging, Duraludon’s movement speed is reduced, but the longer this power is charged, the broader the impact of the move increases and the more damage it causes.

After Duraludon masters Dragon Pulse, it will attach a damage marker to any opponent Pokémon it damages. When Dragon Pulse strikes a marked opponent Pokémon, Pokémon extra damage for each damage marker connected to it then removes all damage markings.

Additionally, suppose Dragon Pulse knocks out an enemy Pokémon. In that case, its cooldown is lowered, and Duraludon’s following three basic strikes do greater damage and further reduce the cooldown of Dragon Pulse when they land.

If the attack knocks out a Pokémon from the opposing team, Dragon Pulse can be upgraded to replenish Duraludon’s HP.

Metal Claw may be upgraded to one of two additional techniques at Lv. 7: Dragon Tail or Stealth Rock.

Dragon Tail uses Duraludon’s massive bulk to push enemy Pokémon backward a short distance. Duraludon’s next basic attack becomes enhanced after it performs the shove.

Dragon Tail may be reserved for a maximum of two uses. When Dragon Tail is improved, it does more damage.

Duraludon is tasked by Stealth Rock with creating a field of levitating stones by flinging a stone in a predetermined region. Over time, the field inflicts damage on enemy Pokémon inside its area of influence and temporarily reduces their movement speed.

If the thrown stone makes contact with an enemy Pokémon before it reaches the targeted area, the area of effect will be focused on the point at where the stone made contact with the Pokémon.

If an opponent Pokémon is hit by Stealth Rock a particular amount of times, that Pokémon becomes immobile for a brief period. Duraludon’s next basic attack becomes enhanced when it uses Stealth Rock.

Stealth Rock may be reserved for a maximum of two purposes. When Stealth Rock is enhanced, the number of reserved uses rises.

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Duraludon’s Revolving Ruin’s Unite Move

Revolving Ruin is a spinning strike that looks amazing and does some heavy damage. Duraludon rotates as it fires a beam of light at the ground in a sweeping circle around it.

If the beam strikes an enemy Pokémon, it injures it, provides Duraludon a shield, and temporarily enhances Duraludon’s Attack. The shielding effect and the Attack boost are amplified when the light beam strikes more opposing Pokémon.

Duraludon unleashes this beam of light, inflicting damage on any opponent Pokémon caught in its area of impact.

Additionally, Revolving Ruin leaves a flaming ring where the beam of light makes contact with the ground, and enemy Pokémon that come into contact with this ring incur damage and have their movement speed reduced for a brief period.

Duraludon is poised to devastate the competition. Now is the time to visit the Unite Battle Committee shop and purchase Duraludon’s Unite license.

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