George RR Martin Hints the Winds of Winter Release Date

George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, has updated the long-awaited sequel to his epic classic A Song of Ice and Fire. The novel, titled The Winds of Winter, was initially supposed to be the series’ conclusion but will now serve as the series’ last installment.

Since the release of the last novel, A Dance with Dragons, in 2011, readers have awaited this novel with bated breath.

While Martin has been regularly busy with other projects (along with the first book of a history of House Targaryen, which was published in 2018), he has remained evasive about a publishing date for the next novel.

Winds of Winter
Winds of Winter

This publication delay has unintended consequences for the blockbuster HBO series Game of Thrones, based on his novels and premiered in 2011.

It’s possible that the program’s makers assumed the next novel would be released before the show reached that point in the series, considering that he had only had gaps between novels of up to five or six years up to that time.

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That was not the case, as the program progressively departed from the original material, culminating in a contentious final season that disappointed the show’s majority of fans.

George R. R. Martin offered an update to his followers on various projects relating to A Song of Ice and Fire on his official website, including his comments on the prequel series House of the Dragon, which recently concluded production.

“Of sure, I’m still working on The Winds of Winter,” he confirms. However, his progress reports are not encouraging. He claims to have worked “a lot” on the novel in 2020 but “less” in 2021.

Numerous Game of Thrones characters has been confirmed to appear in the forthcoming novel. Sansa and Arya Stark, Theon Greyjoy, and Tyrion Lannister are all included.

The novel will also contain the Others (dubbed White Walkers in the program), sending the protagonists further north than they’ve ever gone.

The plot will also settle several significant cliffhangers from A Dance with Dragons and offer two fights that were teased in the previous novel.

George R. R. Martin has been subjected to a great deal of prodding over the status of this novel by Game of Thrones fans from every corner of the Internet.

Regrettably, this implies he is essentially immune at the moment, which means advancement will occur at the exact rate he desires.

It would be fascinating to see whether the next novel – whenever it is released – resolves some of the issues that people had with the divisive Game of Thrones season 8 or whether it is similarly surprising.

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