Kanye West’s Pete Davidson Music Video Is Getting a Ton of Backlash

The new music video of popular American Rapper Kanye West has been released now. The song is getting appreciation and love from his fans however, the song is being criticized immensely by the fans of Pete Davidson.

Furthermore, the new video also enraged Kardashians. The conflict between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is getting more intense. The Kardashians are being attacked continuously by Kanye and it isn’t also hidden that their separation case has been resolved in court.

Though Kanye has not yet gotten over his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Kim is in a relationship with Pete Davison now. And of course, Kanye cannot endure this and he is showing his resentment with his new music album by slamming Pete Davidson straightaway. 

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Kanye West Knocked Pete Davidson Yet Again With His New Song, “eazy” That Is Getting Viral

The new music video is titled “Eazy” and is streaming online now. Everyone out there who saw the music album was surprised to see Pete Davidson in it as this is something beyond everyone’s imaginations that Kanye would do anything like this just to slam Kim Kardashian.

In the video, that animation of Pete Davidson is featured and pulled around and buried down alive apparently.

The lyrics of the song are already heard by us and with this, it’s evident that the purpose of the song is to attack the Kardashians and Pete Davidson who is Kim’s current boyfriend.

There is no response yet from the comedian over Kanye’s new music video. Although, it’s clear that he disappointed his fans for sure with this music album. As a result of this, Kanye West is being criticized by the comedian’s fans strongly.

In addition to that, the new music video also got immensely slammed by Kim Kardashian’s fans. No doubt Kim is outraged at her ex-husband Kanye West and also irritated with the rapper’s harsh behavior.

Kim is now done with Kanye West and the latter must move on now in his life. However, the matter is, will the rapper ever move on from Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West Is Defending His Music Video

Kanye West, Kanye West's Pete Davidson Music Video
Kanye West’s Pete Davidson Music Video

The video has been disliked by maximum viewers immensely and people are even creating memes regarding the rapper’s obsession with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

Of course, it is sure that Kanye West isn’t going to endure all such harsh remarks silently and he also knows the circumstances out there. Kanye West says that music is a pure form of art and is in support of his new music album.

It is well aware by everyone that Pete has slammed Kanye West via his earlier stand-up show. Of course, Kanye West will definitely counterblow Pete. In fact, some of Pete’s fans believe that he should move further by taking legal actions without wasting any time against Kanye’s new music video.

It isn’t hidden with anyone out there that the big mouth rapper hasn’t moved on yet from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and we know that Kanye West is putting up with a difficult situation.

From the time the news of their divorce was revealed, Kanye has barely missed an opportunity to insult the Kardashians with his online posts and public interviews.

Kim made her decision over Kanye’s new music video and she will certainly take legal action against this music video. Kim, obviously, needs to take a stand for Pete Davidson to protect him from Kanye West. 

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