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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Status, Trailer, and Many More

The Solo Leveling Korean comic now consists of 179 chapters, which led fans to wonder whether there is any possibility for an anime adaptation of the wonderful comic and if this happens, when the first season can be expected to premiere?

The rumors about the animated adaptation of Solo Leveling have been circulating rapidly and here’s what you should know about it.

Solo Leveling was initially launched in the form of a novel but as time passed, a comic adaptation of the novel was confirmed, and very soon after the release of its manhwa, it was one of the most read and well-known webtoons all around the internet.

All around the globe, its fans are so excited for the anime adaptation that all of them began an online petition on in which they are focusing on reaching 150,000 petitions in order to get a positive response to their requests and get well-known animation studios to think about picking it for production.

Netflix is one of the streaming giant platforms and most likely it will show some interest in producing the Solo Leveling anime and make it available on streaming services. Along with signing the petition, fans have also begun to fill out Netflix forms in order to request movies and Television Shows.

Since there is a lot of speculation all around, let’s get some clear ideas about Solo Leveling anime’s release date, trailer, and many more.

Solo Leveling Manhwa’s End

The final chapter of the Solo Leveling comic was published on January 1, 2022. The ending was just so wholesome and became a matter of discussion for an anime adaptation.

The foremost thing that anyone out there would like to know is Solo Leveling actually adapting for an animated series. Well, the source material is enough there since there are 179 chapters so an anime is possible.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Sadly, no official announcement has been made about the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling. It is one of those manhwas which has an intriguing plot and the best ever character development anyone can wish to see.

In fact, a few websites have claimed that the publishers have already confirmed Solo Leveling anime, but this isn’t true. As per some rumors, the expected animated series is supposed to be rolled out next year in March and the anime will probably stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The release date may also change since it is rumored only and also because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that has compelled many webtoons and anime to postpone their release dates.

DNC webtoon has dropped a Solo Leveling trailer on its Youtube channel in order to give an indication to its readers, with the hints to its fans about an opportunity of Solo Leveling anime premiering soon.

Where Can We Watch the Trailer of Solo Leveling Anime?

Here’s the link below to watch the Solo Leveling trailer posted on Youtube by DNC webtoon Biz.

Madhouse and Ufotable are among the two anime studios whom fans are expecting to produce Solo Leveling anime, though Netflix is also on the list. Since no words have been uttered yet from any reliable sources, we request to not have too much hope and we will have to wait until the official announcement is made.

The Number of Episodes We Can Expect in the First Season of Solo Leveling Anime?

Apart from the questions of “Is Solo Leveling getting an anime,” Solo Leveling fans are also excited and curious to know the number of episodes season one will have.

Solo Leveling anime can consist of a total of twenty-four episodes whereas the second season will be adapted from the rest of the source material of Solo Leveling.

There are further probabilities that Solo Leveling might also come out with twelve episodes in season one like “Tower of God” anime and then may drop a second season soon.

Solo Leveling Anime Plot

If Solo Leveling anime gets confirmed, it would revolve around the journey of the Sung Jin-Woo who is the weakest hunter, becoming an S-rank hunter whose power is beyond the imagination of everyone. One fine day Jin-Woo falls into a dungeon that seems to be a D-rank still much stronger.

The time he appears to accept his destiny, his demise, an unknown power is given to him that makes him able to sight a mission log similar to games.

By finishing his missions, he is able to increase his rank and get stronger. Due to this, he becomes an S-rank hunter very soon and the entire world now sought him but all he wants is to be a Solo leveler.

There is no doubt that the anime will be thrilling to watch if it gets confirmed for an anime adaptation. We will update once there is an official announcement about the Solo Leveling anime, until then stay tuned to our website to get all the latest updates.


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