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Arcane’ Season 2′: What We Know So Far About the ‘League of Legends’ Show

Arcane, the critically acclaimed animated series, surprised the globe. Based on the famous Riot PC game League of Legends, the spin-off program posed the same risk as the blockbuster Warcraft (based on the also popular game World of Warcraft).

Unlike Warcraft, which has a 28 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, Arcane has surged. It boasts a perfect score of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, a whopping nine Annie nominations for 2022, and has spent weeks atop Netflix’s most-watched English-language series, animated or not.

This success may be owed to young authors Christian Linke and Alex Lee (both of whom are members of the Riot creative team), who brought the story of sisters and League champions Vi and Jinx to life via their love of the characters and years working in the game’s background.

Additionally, they retained the services of Studio Fortiche, which is renowned for being formed and operated by artists who refuse to let the pressure get in the way of producing high-quality work.

Their oil-painting-inspired technique stretched the boundaries of 2D and 3D animation and resulted in Arcane, a work of moving art. Add a kickass theme song by Imagine Dragons, and you’ve got one of the year’s most popular concerts.

Unsurprisingly, Riot revealed the existence of Season 2 the evening Season 1 concluded. So, what’s next? Spoilers ahead.

What Happened in the First Season of Arcane?

Arcane is the story of two cities: the prosperous, utopian Piltover and the poisoned, filthy Zaun. Separated by the River Pilt and connected only by bridges, the two cities frequently collide as the Zaunites fight to exist daily. At the same time, the rich Piltover people, led by Councilor Mel Medarda, focus their energies on innovation.

Enter elder sister Vi (Hailee Steinfield) and younger sister Powder (Ella Purnell), taken in by the loving, burly boxer barkeep – Vander – after Piltover Police murdered their parents during a riot.

When Silco, a Zaunite criminal lord, kidnaps Vander, a young Powder mistakenly kills Vander and two of her companions while assisting with the rescue operation.

It divides the sisters for years and sends them on opposed paths. The powder becomes a daughter figure for Silco and adopts the nickname ‘Jinx’ due to her activities mentally disfiguring her.

Vi makes an unexpected alliance with Caitlyn (Katie Leung), a member of the Piltover police, and all of this occurs while a young inventor named Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) establishes a reputation for himself in politics the difficult skill of fusing magic and technology.

Arcane’ Season 2

When is Arcane Season 2 Scheduled to Premiere?

Arcane Season 2 with the possibility of an episode being aired on Twitch once more. However, we are aware that it will not occur anytime soon.

The first season took six years to complete, and according to Arcane’s official Twitter account, Season 2 has been officially “in development” since November 2021. And with only a brief teaser trailer, it’s clear the program will not premiere in 2022; at most, we may hope for a 2023 release.

Additionally, we have no information on the episodes or their names. However, it seems fair to believe they will follow the same pattern as Season 1, with three episodes broadcast over three weekends.

However, avoid being depressed. Shauna Spenley, Riot’s global head of entertainment, indicated that Arcane is not the only tale Riot intends to pursue with Studio Fortiche.

This is unsurprising, given that League of Legends now has 158 champions and counting, many of whom have overlapping narratives. Additionally, she hinted at the possibility of live-action productions. Therefore, whatever they release next is certain to be massive, bold, and spectacular.

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What Can We Expect from the Second Season of Arcane?

Arcane concluded with a stunning picture of an extremely troubled Jinx hurling a rocket towards the council chamber, which houses the sharpest and most powerful minds in Piltover (apart from our beloved furry buddy – Heimerdinger), including Councilor Medarda.

Given how brutal the first season was, we can only presume that there will be some deaths in this season. Mel biting the bullet over Jayce is our bet, as he undoubtedly has more tale left in him. And his beloved perishes? That seems as though it may turn rather hot.

We are aware that Vi and Caitlyn are still alive and well. We can only speculate on the trajectory of their relationship, both as a highly plausible coupling (even if oil and water do not mix) and with Jinx, who was less than delighted with her replacement in Season 1.

Some fans may anticipate seeing Urgot in the upcoming season due to the 2020 League of Legends champion cinematic, which was fixed to the music of Imagine Dragons’ song “Warriors” and featured the original Vi/Caitlyn facing off against him in a very familiar location.

Viktor has returned to his undercity origins and finds himself in the company of the insane scientist Singed, who we can presume will receive further attention in the upcoming season.

Anyone knowledgeable with the game’s backstory understands that Viktor’s strength will only become stronger now that he has been imbued with the arcane. We can wait to see how the writers put up the remainder of his tale.

Ekko and Heimerdinger have teamed up, and we should expect further action from Ekko’s vigilantes, who the councilor himself may assist.

Now for fan-favorite theories: Although we’ve just seen a teaser trailer thus far, eagle-eyed fans are certain that they can hear Warwick’s heartbeat in the background.

Warwick is one of Singed’s inventions, a humanoid-wolf hybrid, and many fans believe that considering Singed’s previously demonstrated resurrection abilities, Singed will use Vander as the creature’s basis. We can only speculate on how this could connect to Vi and Jinx’s story.

Additionally, some fans may have noticed Singed staring at a photograph of a little girl who resembles the Piltover game’s Orianna, a clockwork lady in League of Legends.

However, this would involve considerable tinkering on the part of Riot with the game’s enormous mythology (but they have done it before).

Riot has also just added Zeri as a champion to the game, a fellow Zaunite and possible ally of Ekko. Like Ekko, Zeri possesses innate magical talents, which the show may (and that is a large may) explore.

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