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Amber Heard Busca for All the Reasons That Johnny Depp Doesn’t Have ‘Aquaman 2’ in the Corte

Even though Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship ended years ago, legal battles between them continue.

And while it has been a difficult battle for both of them, the truth is that Johnny Depp has been the most impacted by this situation because, in addition to releasing large sums of money, his artistic reputation has been harmed, to the point where he has been excluded from two major projects: “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fantastic Animals.

Six turbulent years have passed, and the charges between the two have intensified to the point that they are currently facing a defamation trial.

It’s worth noting that, despite his expulsion from two big projects, Amber is attempting to safeguard his participation in the next “Aquaman” picture since he does not want Depp or his attorneys to discuss it in court.

Amber Heard

However, it was via Twitter that certain documents were published. The actress’s legal team requests that Depp and his attorneys refrain from discussing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as they believe it might jeopardize his involvement in the Warner Bros. series.

“To evade subpoenas, WB has threatened to say ‘awful things’ about Depp and Heard. WB consented to a significant delay in AH’s casting ‘due to creative concerns with Ms. Heard’s casting.’ Amber has insisted that a stipulation be made: “There will be no discussion of ‘AQ2’ during the trial.”

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Despite speculations that the sequel’s production was seeking a replacement for the woman who plays Mera, Heard shared photographs from the set on his Instagram account as the recording began.

Although everything appears to be in order, he demonstrates that he did face the possibility of losing his job. Additionally, she attracted increased condemnation from users of social media platforms.

Amber’s situation has taken an unexpected turn, as the stolen documents have been used as a tool by the actor’s admirers, who have assured her that if the court grants Heard’s request, they will be in charge of tying his trial to the film.

Consider that Amber Heard does not want #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom mentioned during the trial! Therefore, be courteous and refrain from mentioning the film when discussing this situation, all right? Avoid conflating the film with the trial.”

The sequel to Aquaman wrapped production in late 2021, and Warner Bros. plans to release it on December 16, 2022. At the same time, the ex-husbands’ trial is scheduled to begin on April 11 at a court in Virginia, United States.

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