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To Make South Park Season 25 Even Better, Kenny Needs to Have His Own Episode



To Make South Park Season 25: South Park’s landmark 25th season has been marked by dramatic changes for all of its characters save one, demonstrating that Kenny, too, deserves his standalone episode.

While Wendy became embroiled in an overblown issue concerning South Park Elementary’s Pajama Day, Stan was exposed as a bigot over Tolkien’s true name, and Cartman made numerous terrible choices about his mother’s new real estate career, Kenny McCormick has escaped with his life.

Kyle, too, has appeared in at least two of the season’s first three episodes. As such, Kenny deserves his episode on South Park this season.

For the first three of six episodes of this season of South Park, it’s been clear that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted to deviate from many of the show’s established conventions like the show’s South Park: Post Covid TV movies for Paramount+ last holiday season.

For example, in the show’s most recent episode, “City People,” Cartman desired that his mother Liane stay with him rather than pursue her new profession in real estate, which she did partially in revenge.

Updates on South Park Season 25

While an episode from a previous season may not have had serious ramifications for this behavior, in this case, the two wind up living in a hot dog stand by the episode’s conclusion due to Liane’s already precarious financial circumstances.

These types of shifts create an opportunity for Kenny to have his tale.

Indeed, the absence of a Kenny episode in South Park season 25 is unexpected, given how his episodes have been regarded as some of the show’s greatest.

South Park Season 25

Whether it’s heartbreaking tearjerkers laced with black comedy like “Kenny Dies” and “Best Friends Forever,” or full-on crazy and surreal romps like “Fat Camp,” “The Poor Kid,” and “Major Boobage,” it’s evident that when Kenny appears, viewers are in for a good time.

Given the season’s changes, if season 25 has a Kenny-centric episode, it might easily rank among the series’ absurd masterworks.

Several plotlines would make a Kenny episode tough to refuse. For example, Kenny’s parody of Cartman might function as excellent recurrent humor that could serve as the foundation for the second half of season 25 or as a standalone episode.

Alternatively, in keeping with the show’s history being questioned and expounded upon, some of Kenny’s perverted habits may return to haunt him.

Numerous amusing themes might be explored in a Kenny episode. Additionally, one cliche may elevate Kenny from receiving his episode beyond all others.

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If Kenny is to join Stan and Cartman in confronting major character issues, one established cliché from the series should also make a triumphant comeback in a normal episode after serving as the backbone of the Post Covid films: Kenny’s more bizarre repeating South Park deaths. With recent crises in Canada (including the trucker convoy) and Ukraine (with a Russian invasion), South Park will probably address these events.

As such, if Kenny is given his episode in season 25, one of the primary reasons should be that his usual death might be utilized as a reflection on these events, similar to how the Elián González raid was used in season 4’s “Quintuplets 2000.”

As South Park’s 25th season reaches its second half, an episode centered on Kenny would be appropriate to conclude the season.

With some South Park residents’ lives transformed this season, showcasing and perhaps murdering Kenny makes a lot of sense. After all, no South Park season would be complete without the classic remark, “Oh my God, they murdered Kenny!” “You wretches!”

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