Julia Garner Believes Anna Delvey and Ruth Langmore Would Be Best Friends

In Netflix’s Inventing Anna, which is based on the real-life story of Anna Sorokin and also from the piece published in New York titled “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.”

In the series, Julia Garner plays the title character of Anna Delvey, the Russian-German con artist. 

In the latest version of Burning Questions of IMDB, the star opened up about her most cherished memories from the filming, acquiring that special accent, and even visualized what might occur if Anna Delvey were to interact with her other popular character: Strong young offender named Ruth Langmore in Ozark.

She said “I think Ruth and Anna would judge each other in the beginning, because they’re from completely different worlds,” adding further “They would start out not really liking each other, and then by the end of it, maybe they would be best friends. And I think they also like activating people, that’s what they have in common.”

Furthermore, Garner also disclosed what it was like to have interaction with the imprisoned Delvey personally whilst she was making preparations to portray her, along with the thing in respect to the false inheritor and she was the most surprised because of that. 

She said, “What I didn’t expect… was how bubbly she was at moments, and how likable she was, and charming she was, and how quickly she can go from light to dark and dark to light in seconds.”

Garner is aware of discovering that level of power in her dramas, particularly when the matter is about playing the character of Ruth on Ozark.

Julia Garner, Anna Delvey, Ruth Langmore
Anna Delvey and Ruth Langmore Would Be Best Friends

During the rehearsal of the sequence that has now become viral, in which Ruth notes “if you want to stop me, you’re going to have to kill me,” she has said that she centered upon an extensive range of attributes, from Mike Tyson’s notorious ear-biting conflict to the Caravaggio’s paintings.

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