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He’s such a romantic,’ Paris Hilton said of spending Valentine’s Day with Carter Reum.



Paris Hilton is in a romantic mood. This Valentine’s Day will mark the hotel heiress’s first wife. The 40-year-old exchanged vows with businessman Carter Reum in November 2021 at a Los Angeles private residence.

Kim Kardashian, Paula Abdul, Bebe Rexha, Emma Roberts, and Kyle Richards were celebrity guests at the star-studded wedding. Hilton informed Fox News Digital that she has lots to be thankful for this year.

“Well, my birthday is 3 days after Valentine’s Day, while he is almost a week before mine,” she said. “As a result, we always celebrate our birthdays together.” And Hilton’s beau has a surprise in store for her.

“He informed me that he was taking me somewhere,” the actor explained. “I’m not sure where we’re heading. He enjoys surprises, such as a surprise vacation for Valentine’s Day or my birthday. He’s an absolute romantic.”

Hilton previously told Fox News Digital that she and Reum, 41, were acquaintances for 15 years before becoming a couple. The couple began dating in 2019 after reuniting through mutual acquaintances. The pair announced their engagement in February 2020. The engagement was then revealed on Feb. 17, Hilton’s birthday.

“I was constantly aware of how kind and sweet he was and what a good man he was,” Hilton recounted. “And then, when we had our first kiss, it was like these electric bolts that I had never felt in my life.” ‘All right, this is the twin flame I’ve been searching for my entire life,’ I thought. And I discovered him.'”

The splendid ceremony’s preparations were recorded in the 13-part reality television series “Paris in Love.” The entrepreneur and DJ confessed that life with her Prince Charming has been blissful lately.

“I adore my role as a wife,” she stated. “He’s the ideal husband, and we’re so close… He is an old-fashioned romantic. He’s constantly sending me love letters and has an uncanny ability to make me feel like a princess.

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I’ve never had an encounter like this with a guy. I’m delighted that I was patient and discovered my perfect mate.”

Additionally, Hilton stated that she is keen to grow her family. “We cannot wait to have children,” she stated. “Every day, we discuss it. I’m still figuring out how to fit everything into my schedule, as I’m working on a slew of projects and recently founded my media firm, 11:11 Media.

Thus, there is a great deal going on, but that is unquestionably one of my top objectives.”

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