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Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s net worth has fallen below $200 billion.

At the moment, no one on the earth owns a fortune exceeding $200 billion. Elon Musk, the sole billionaire who remained above that threshold entering this week, saw his fortune fall from $13.3 billion to $198.6 billion on Wednesday.

Tesla Inc.’s shares plummeted for the fourth consecutive day to their lowest level since September, amidst a universal stock market sell-off.

Tesla’s 50-year-old Co-founder remains the world’s wealthiest person. Nonetheless, Musk’s fortune has been wiped out by $71.7 billion this year, more than the combined fortunes of the next three wealthiest persons, as markets cope with regional tensions surrounding Ukraine and more aggressive central banks.

Elon Musk's net worth

Musk’s fortune reached a record high of $340.4 billion on Nov. 4, when Tesla shares hit a record high.

A few days later, he questioned his Twitter followers whether he should sell a portion of his ownership, precipitating a dramatic collapse in the company’s value that wiped out $35 billion of his net worth in a single day – a near-record amount. He eventually sold more than $16 billion worth of stock and donated $5.7 billion worth of shares to charity.

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Jeff Bezos, the creator of Inc., is the only other individual whose wealth has ever topped the $200 billion thresholds, having done it for the first time in April. His fortune bounced around that level for most of last year before finally falling below it in December.

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