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Tinx, a TikTok celebrity, had the best response to a question about the Diplo rumours.

Diplo rumours

Diplo rumours

Tinx’s favorite pastime is oversharing. However, the TikTok sensation, whose real name is Christina Najjar, was pretty quiet on Feb. 23 on E! News Daily Pop, when host Justin Sylvester and guest emcee Kristin Cavallari brought up “that one story” about her.

“I have an idea for that one,” a beaming Tinx revealed, although the pair avoided naming anyone.

They were, of course, referring to Diplo, who has previously been sighted with Tinx and was even dubbed her “lover” on the jumbotron during a December 2021 Las Vegas Raiders game.

It’s still unclear whether the literal public showing of adoration was genuine or just for show, but Tinx did confess on Daily Pop that Diplo is “a handsome dude.”

Before making his shocking disclosure regarding the “Lean On” producer, Justin confessed, which may or may not have rendered Tinx dumbfounded. “My mother is watching!” she exclaimed. “I am incapable of smiling or frowning.”

Tinx’s fans should not fear that she is losing her honesty, as she admits that while she wishes to keep her dating life “a little bit more private,” she “overshares pretty much every day.”

“I’m keeping things a little more under wraps, but you know how much I like my followers,” Tinx continued. “I enjoy sharing with them!”

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Tinx’s admirers will soon have the opportunity to interact with her as well. “I’m doing a podcast,” she announced on Daily Pop. “I’ll be handing out a lot of relationships advice.”

Not only that, but Tinx will also have a radio show with live call-ins. “Ask me about your dilemmas and concerns,” Tinx advised, “and together, we can work through them.”

If you’re wondering if she’s qualified for the job, check out the above Daily Pop interview in which she breaks down her famous “box theory.” Get her thoughts on celebrity pairings such as Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson!

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