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During a concert in Los Angeles, Bad Bunny pays tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Not just did Bad Bunny’s performance in Los Angeles Thursday night (February 24) bring his fans to their feet, but he also had them cheering for his dress choice.

Bad Bunny took the stage at the Arena during his El ultimo Tour del Mundo, this time without the WWE’s Undertaker in attendance, sporting a No. 24 Kobe Bryant jersey in tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend.

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Additionally, he was dressed in a purple and gold puffer jacket and purple leggings. There were also no costume changes. For the duration of the concert, Bad Bunny wore his Lakers garb.

“This is something I will always say… “Nothing compares to our nights in Los Angeles,” he explained throughout the performance. “There is nothing quite like being here with you all. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your support — from the bottom of my heart.”

Bad Bunny sang “Estoy en mi peak (I’m at my peak)” and “Booker T” during the concert, as well as songs from his 2020 album, El ultimo Tour del Mundo, including “Yo Visto As,” “Maldita Pobreza,” and “La Noche de Anoche.” Remezcla dubbed the album “the most adventurous, hazardous, and daring tale of his career” upon its debut.

“Believe in and respect your dreams, even if no one else does,” Bad Bunny advised the gathering. “Do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise. I was a small child from Puerto Rico who dreamed big, and look where I am now.”

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