Our Flag Means Death Will Investigate ‘The Outsider Artist of Pirates’

The upcoming comedy television series “Our Flag Means Death” is set to premiere on March 3, 2022, on HBO Max and on the basis of official trailers and learning that Taika Waititi will portray the character, Blackbeard while serving as a producer as well. With this, everyone out there began waiting impatiently for the movie. 

So, let’s dig into some more details about the upcoming comedy TV series.

The show partly follows the story of Stede Bonnet (played by Rhys Darby), who is an aristocrat and abandons his life and turns into a bandit. Recently, in a press conference, showrunner David Jenkins explained “He’s just a great character,” adding “I think learning about Steed was like, I mean, who has a midlife crisis and becomes a pirate? Like, no one!”

Further, the showrunner also confessed that he certainly had not much interest in pirate stories before he started to work on the show. He said “I think actual pirate stuff is fine, but it’s not necessarily my cup of tea.

And I think Taika [Waititi] felt similarly. But hearing about this guy and reading about him and seeing that, you know, he left his family, then he met Blackbeard, they hit it off, and we don’t know any of the details in between. So, filling those blanks in, and having a very human story, and then being able to do it with the pirate genre, that was like, ‘Oh, this would be cool.’”

“I think Stede feels capable because of his position in life; he’s a wealthy landowner, and back in those days, it was ‘You’re a golden child, so you cannot fail.’ And so, he must have gone into it thinking, ‘Well, I can throw money at anything.

I can live my dream, nothing’s going to happen to me.’ Of course, once he starts to get out to sea, he realizes all the killing and the horrendousness of living aboard a ship—and all of a sudden, the dream can turn into a nightmare,” he added.

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Our Flag Means Death Majorly Took Place Onto Stede’s Ship

Talking about a major part of the series that took place on Stede’s ship, the Revenge, indicates spending much time with the ragged crew he has amassed. Darby says “He definitely starts off on a very confident foot,” adding “But he figures out pretty quickly that even though he’s great at talking and can command a presence, that’s really all he has.

He knows nothing. And then he soon realizes that the others, you know, without them, he’s dead. So, they start to bond and there are some good points that he brings. He does pay a wage, and he has a nice soul. He’s not mean to them.

Our Flag Means Death

And to top it all off, he’s reading them stories at night. I mean, he’s like a mother! So, they’re really torn, these pirates, because they think this guy is going to lead them to death, definitely. But at the same time, they’re getting paid and they’re having a nice time. So, it’s a real challenge for them.”

Let’s hear from the cast about their respective characters

Samson Kayo portrays Oluwande, who is interested in following Stede for sensible rationales. Kayo said “Olly is quite logical and tactical—I feel like that’s why he survived for so long, and he realizes that it could work with Stede running the ship because [they’re] getting wages,” adding “That doesn’t happen often.

So, the fact that they’re getting paid to be doing what they’re doing help. And Stede is the person with the money; you can’t kill the person with the money, because what else are we going to do?”

Roach portrayed by Samba Schutte, the cook on the ship, Schutte spoke out on the crew’s opinions regarding their captain shift as the show moves forward. He explained “At the beginning, you know, we’re all itching for action, and we all feel like we are not in the right hands.

Being a pirate, you want to survive as long as possible and with this man in charge, it’s like we have no chance of survival. But eventually, we start to notice that maybe this is the right captain for us because we are surviving.

And the fact that historically Stede Bonnet ran into Blackbeard and was taken under his wing, you know, only gave him that much more respect and credit. So, I think the crew starts slowly realizing, ‘OK, maybe this is a good idea. Maybe we should give him a chance to see where this goes.’”

Vico Ortiz who portrays Bonifacia, explains “This show has so much heart and it challenges so many social constructs and standards and expectations. Normally we think pirates and it’s like gore, gruesome, and brutal.

And yes, it doesn’t shy away from that, but it also doesn’t shy away from, like, a lot of the trauma that happened to get to that point. Or to see these people having a chance of redemption of who they are.

Because at the end of the day, pirates are outlaws and they are outlaws for a reason, whether it’s for money or because who they are is not accepted in other places.

So, they get a chance to actually have this agency and be like, ‘This is who I am, and I get to be accepted and make my own rules and everyone is on board with it.’ So yes, it’s a very funny and silly and goofy show, but it challenges a lot of social constructs and I am here for it.”

The showrunner describes the series as having “joy. A lot of joy. I like Stede because Stede is, to me, the outsider artist of pirates. And I think in designing the show, I was conscious [of the fact that it’s] a hard genre to do anything to.

It’s a very stubborn genre because it’s been done so well and so often. So, I kind of tried to look at, like New York, like Alphabet City in the ‘80s via a pirate genre via Mad Max and try to throw all these different things at it. So, I think you’ll get a different feel than you’d get on a normal pirate thing. I think we achieved that with our amazing crew.”

The initial 3 episodes of the series will be dropped on HBO Max on March 3, the next three on March 10, the next two on March 17, and the last two will premiere on March 24.

Finals Words

We are sure those who love to watch pirate-themed series just can’t contain themselves to watch the series, stay tuned to our website to get all the latest updates.

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