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Ted 3: Everything You Need to Know About the Cast, Plot, and Release Date Status

Ted 3

Ted 3

Ted is an American comedy film written by MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild and directed by Seth MacFarlane. This was the first movie for MacFarlane as a director that premiered on June 29, 2012, and gathered a lot of love and appreciation. The film performed very well grossing $549.4 million and became a huge box office hit.

The film revolves around an orphaned child’s wish to get his jumbo teddy bear to come to life as a Christmas gift. Luckily, Bennett’s wish comes true and with words spreading all around, Ted becomes a celebrity.

We are sure that everyone loved to watch this amazing movie. However, in the movie, Ted is not the only factor. In the first film and directorial debut of Macfarlane, we saw a teddy bear come to life and this surpassed everyone’s hopes. Honestly, the movie was beyond everything a person could have imagined for. A follow-up for Ted was also released on June 26, 2015.

Although no official announcement has been made yet regarding Ted 3. But we do believe that Ted 3 is in the pipeline. Here’s what we know so far about Ted 3.

Is There a Release Date for Ted 3?

Though no official confirmation has been made to-date even about the development of Ted 3 so we cannot expect a release date for the film, the good part is it hasn’t been canceled either. Taking into consideration that Seth MacFarlane is involved in a lawsuit, we may say that the requisite factors about the upcoming installment may not have been decided yet.

We may expect makers to announce the film soon with a scheduled release date of next year.

Who Can Be Expected to Be Seen in the Cast of Ted 3?

Ted 3: Everything You Need to Know About

We can expect the below names to join the cast of Ted 3:

What Can We Expect From the Storyline of Ted 3?

Firstly, let’s have a look at where our journey started with Ted. In the first installment, we saw a younger John Bennett having a desire to have his teddy bear named Ted, brought to life and be his best friend. The wish coincides with the shooting star and his mere dream turned into reality and consequently, both of them grow up as great friends.

After 27 years, their relationship became stronger. On the flip side, their approaches are fierce and, well, rebellious. Coming to their bond, both of them have their own highs and lows. On the flip side, the film apparently ends on a happy note with John getting married to Lori and Ted’s relationship with Tami-Lynn.

The follow-up sees a time jump of 6 months following John’s separation from Lori and we also see Ted getting married to Tami-Lynn for the second time. Both of them decided to adopt a child, in spite of their wish to have a kid.

Ted’s criminal background as a character is brought into question because of this, and he does not have his lawful rights by the court system.

The relief of the character takes place because of the winning of Ted and John in the case, and it finishes off with Ted and Tami-Lynn adopting a toddler boy, and naming him Apollo Creed.

There is no exact information available about the expected storyline of ‘Ted 3’. Although remembering where the spinoff has left us, there is just one possible line of action for the movie to get. Logically, Ted 3 should take up the story as a continuation of the previous season whilst giving the stress on the new part of Ted’s life which is the role of a father and his newly found liberty.

This path should give the character plenty of opportunities. We should imagine a living teddy bear experiencing parenthood and raising a child with a woman.

It surely has the strength to make us laugh. Considering McFarlane’s earlier work on fatherhood-based comedies like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad!,’ we are sure this is also going to be a great treat to watch.

Is There a Trailer for Ted 3?

Since the follow-up is not even confirmed yet so we can definitely not expect a trailer anytime soon for Ted 3. We will update this information as and when available.

Though not much information is available as of now, we will keep you updated with all the latest information on the subject until then stay tuned with us.

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