Monark Release Date – When Will Monark Be Available?

Monark is a Japanese role-playing game with combat identical to Lost Dimension. In the gameplay, the power of your ego ascertains the security of those who are around you. 

But when is Monark is set to release? We know all the game lovers must be waiting for the game to come out and here is when the Monark be released for the Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5.

What Is the Release Date of Monark?

The role-playing game is scheduled to be launched on February 22, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and PS5 users.

About the Game

Lancaster has developed the upcoming video game and published it by FuRyu. The team members from the Shin Megami Tensei series were also engaged in developing the game.

Monark happens inside Shin Mikado Academy which is a high school covered in a mystic mist that makes the student crazy that is locked from the outside world with the use of a barrier.

The game’s DNA follows in the larger-than-life stakes of the game, the security of the world depending upon the high school goers, and also how the individuality of the protagonist and relationships make the world around him. However, different from Shin Megami Tensei games, Monark has its own unique manner of executing the common JRPG rule.

The gameplay involves exploration and fights. Exploration comprises the player who is involved in the investigation of a strange fog that has covered their school.

Monark , Monark Release Date
Monark Release Date

The student goes crazy as a result of the fog, so it just gets barred to check out areas that get over by fog. But one of the Monarks selects the player and enables him to obstruct the fog’s annoying call and protect the rest of the students from hazards.

In battle, Monark brings together typical Japanese role-playing menu-based combat with Valkyria Chronicles type of strategies. Players and enemies manifest on a battleground, proceeding within constant ranges of distance.

Coming close to an enemy brings you also within range of their invasions. Battle advances in turns, enabling units with higher speed numbers to proceed firstly prior to others.

If with the description, you are fascinated, currently, a demo is available for Monark for all the platforms it’s available in.

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We hope all the gamers will enjoy this Japanese role-playing game, stay tuned with us to catch up with all the latest updates.

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