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Updated Release Date Status for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

About the Game

The developers at Brilliant Game Studios are so much aware of why people love their game. They just put out a release date declaration trailer for the sequel to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, and it is as impressive and magnificent as you would expect.

It importantly follows the usual story arc that one goes through when they first explore the game. Like “Oh, a battle simulator? Cool! Wait…it can handle how many units at once? And from how many time periods?” and more like that.

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It has its focus firmly to provide pulsating experiences to everyone who plays the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and that sort of self-awareness is obvious to vibe with fans. 

Release Date

As for the release date itself, the game is currently slated to release on May 12th – just some months away. The trailer already flaunts certain new units, with even a John Wick stand-in making an appearance.

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Fans seem to be excited across the board with this leak, with everyone looking forward to how far they can work their system by adding ‘just one more’ legion to the map. 

New Features in the Game

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

The game takes immense pride in boasting seemingly impossible-to-render fights. It is something that they have taken great steps to focus on in the trailer. In the sequel, you will be going as far as your imagination will let you, with the sandbox letting all the serious and not-so-serious situations you can think of.

For instance, you can have a look at an amazing battle to get a thrill about the game, or you can watch a single archer take on a million knights. Are you excited for Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 or will you be playing the existing edition?

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