The Days of Our Lives Connection of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is best known for starring in NBC’s mega-hit sitcom “Friends” as Rachel Green. The program catapulted Aniston and her co-stars Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry to instant celebrity. 

Each character was amusing and distinct, including Rachel’s close friend Joey, an actress who later landed a position on the serial opera “Days of Our Lives,” according to She Knows Soaps.

Numerous cast members from “DOOL” have appeared on “Friends” throughout the years, involving Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux), Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady), Alexis Thorpe (Cassie Brady), and Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart).

Days of Our Lives

Of course, Aniston’s relationship to “Days of Our Lives” extends much beyond her tenure on “Friends.” Indeed, the actress’ father portrays one of the show’s most adored characters.

On DOOL, Jennifer Aniston’s father portrays Victor Kiriakis.

Jennifer Aniston established a name for herself in Hollywood, according to Wide Open Country, via her performances in “Friends” and other television series and films. 

However, she may have been influenced by her father, John Aniston, who has spent decades on “Days of Our Lives” as Victor Kiriakis.

John has raved about his daughter’s acting talent throughout the years. In 1990, the “DOOL” actress said, “Jennifer is a natural talent.” “There are specific things you can learn in this profession and others that you cannot. 

Her comedic instinct is unflinching. That is her most valuable attribute, “he said. While John and Jennifer did work together briefly on “Search for Tomorrow” when she was a youngster, the actress has never starred in the serial with her famous father. 

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John previously said in 2015 that it would be “adorable” for his daughter to participate in the program, even suggesting that she play a Kiriakis staff member (via Glamour).

Meanwhile, Jennifer reportedly “stopped ” John’s return to the “DOOL” set during the COVID-19 epidemic. She reportedly convinced her father to request that filmmakers shoot his scenes from his own house to keep him safe, and production consented owing to some influence from the A-lister.

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