Days of Our Lives Preview: When the NBC soap returns, not one, but two family members will be killed off!

Days are back with danger, drama, and romance! Days of Our Lives preview for the week of February 21 – 25, the NBC soap returns to form after a two-week hiatus for the Winter Olympics. Details and the newest preview may be seen below.

Anna teases that the sudser’s reappearance means it has everything. It contains emotion, action, and several presumptions of death. We’re very certain she’s referring to Johnny’s, a.k.a. JoDevil’s, screenplay about Marlena’s possession.

Days of Our Lives

In terms of passion, someone is receiving the rose treatment in bed, while Gabi and Jake have a passionate kiss. Tripp, who had intended to propose to Alli before the show’s break, becomes steamy and physical with her. He’s certainly unaware of what transpired between her and Chanel! And it seems as if Marlena and John are putting on a show for a belated Valentine’s Day.

Steve and Kayla are armed on the lonely island where Kristen conceals half of Salem. Perhaps Nerf guns? Speaking of weaponry, it looks as if EJ, who was contemplating fleeing, has been shot!

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Meanwhile, Abby spikes a smoothie back on the island, which Kristen consumes and promptly falls. Do you need a refresher before next week? Make sure to check out the Days of Our Lives picture recap.

Additionally, keep an eye out for Days of Our Lives spoilers to learn who believes the devil is still in Salem. Then, before you go, take a look at a collection of some soap opera couples that fans will never forget.


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