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Skins for the Valorant are now available in a new package. Undercity teases a mysterious figure.

Valorant Undercity

Valorant Undercity

A new pack of Valorant skins is now available. Undercity is awe-inspiring and vibrant, with a hint of mystery. Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 is rapidly approaching, and gamers are excited about the addition of new in-game cosmetics. A leaked image of the next skin package has surfaced, but it is not what gamers anticipated.

It bears an uncanny similarity to the smash song Glitchpop, but a twist leaves the Valorant community perplexed. Undercity, the revolutionary new skin package, is dazzling yet perplexing. It is identical to Glitchpop with a few enhancements and has the branding of an unknown figure.

Valorant Undercity

The series features Glitchpop’s trademark outline on knives and weaponry. Similar cyberpunk hues have been applied to a transparent body that resembles the odd metropolis seen in Jett’s song video. The energizing body coupled with the vibrant ascents is undoubtedly something players would steal from their marketplaces.

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Additionally, it combines an ax and a blade for melee combat, usually advantageous. While the Undercity package is a rehash of an older concept, it is far from uninteresting.

Undercity’s new Valorant skin pack is available for:

What is the name of the girl in the Valorant Undercity skins?

This unidentified figure made his debut appearance in Jett’s latest Valorant takeover video. Victoria Vector is said to be a musician, but this is the extent of the information so far. While the Undercity skins are certainly eye-catching, it is not their appearance that has piqued gamers’ interest. The weird female plastered all over the skins has caught the imagination of the Valorant community. 

It might be the next agent, although Riot is unlikely to offer the first look soon after an agent is announced. As a result, that should be fully scratched off. Although Victoria Vector has never been seen in Valorant, gamers have a few possibilities.

The community speculates that this might result in another League of Legends and Valorant crossover using Vi from Arcane. However, Vi’s name is Violet, which conflicts with the Jett music video poster. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Riot’s week-long celebration of Arcane’s demise was also dubbed Undercity and included Vi’s poster.

It might potentially refer to another partnership, similar to Zedd x Valorant, although a Victoria Vector does not exist in real life. For the time being, all we know is that this vocalist is tied to Jett somehow. It’s unusual for Riot to release a package without providing a reason, so gamers should keep their fingers crossed and await an official response when the skins are published.

When does Act 1 of Valorant conclude?

Act 1 of Valorant Episode 4 concludes on March 1. The upcoming episode would introduce the Undercity package and a possible explanation for the peculiar woman called Victoria Vector.


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