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Release Date Status and Time for Horizon 2: Forbidden West

Introduction to the Game

The long wait for Aloy’s upcoming journey is all but over. Horizon 2 Forbidden West is going to release in less than 48 hours and we know how thrilled you are for this amazing story to start.

Horizon 2 Forbidden West is a straight sequel to Guerrilla Games’ all-new IP that was actually released back in February 2017. Five years after that, we are in February again, waiting for the release of yet another masterpiece from the same franchise.

The release of a new trailer for “The Adam Project” kicks off a jam-packed Netflix 2022 movie preview.

A quick glance at the Horizon 2 Forbidden West review would show you that you are going to adore this game if you have already played the first part, and what else is better than this for the core community of the game?

Horizon 2 Forbidden West Release Date and Time

Horizon Forbidden West will be accessible on February 18 at 12 am ET/ 5 am UTC/ 6 am CET/ 4 pm AEDT. If you belong to the west coast of the US you can begin playing from 9 pm PT on February 17.

Earlier, there was a ruse on PS4 using which the players could enjoy the game sooner by making a US account on their devices, but with the latest releases of Sony, that move does not seem to be working anymore.

Guerrilla Games has not leaked anything yet about the post-release material for Horizon Forbidden West, but an earlier tweet from the creators divulged that the game has many hours of content during its release which might be sufficient to keep you involved for a month at least.

Horizon Forbidden West is accessible on PS4 and PS5. The PS4 edition is $59.99 and includes a free upgrade to PS5. So you can purchase the PS4 edition and play it on PS5 without paying $69.99 for a PS5 edition.

Horizon Forbidden West Trailer

Horizon 2

The cinematic trailer of Horizon Forbidden West was launched on February 11 and it portrays Aloy discovering the Forbidden West as she tries to reveal the secret behind the latest dangers to the world, including the Red Blight.

The gameplay trailer for Horizon Forbidden West was released eight months ago and displayed 14 minutes of gameplay during Sony’s State of Play on May 27. Players can have a good view of how the game will look like, without spoilers about the story.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Before leaving Early Access, Baldur’s Gate 3 still has “around a year of development left.”

If you have enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn, the gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West will not seem much different. But Guerrilla Games had five years to bring developments and the game refers to the important ones, where motion and combat are concerned.


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