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Warrior Nun Season 2: Release Date Status and More

Introduction to the Show

In July 2020, the Heavens opened up and conferred their latest original fantasy show, Warrior Nun, with the help of Netflix.

The pastoral series, slightly based on the famous Warrior Nun Areala comics from Ben Dunn, shows a young lady named Ava who died and is resurrected with an aureole on her back, now bound to become a member of a confidential, spiritual group of demon-hunting fighters.

Suggestive of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except with intense fight sequences, the mythological show streamed and was praised among fantasy fans, and it seemed as if it was only getting started on its holy spiritual journey.

Considering the first season was completed with an important disclosure, fans have been keen whether they will be seeing more from Ava and her sisters anytime soon. While you wish for more about the show from Simon Barry, here is all we know about Warrior Nun Season 2 so far.

Will There Be a Second Season of Warrior Nun?

Warrior Nun Season 2

Hallelujah! Approximately a month and a half after Warrior Nun streamed on Netflix in July 2020, the streaming giant declared its renewal for another season during August.

Netflix said that the series would be back on Twitter with a very healthy video showing showrunner Simon Barry revealing the news to the Warrior Sisters themselves. Their signs and elated responses are just how we feel as well.

When Will Warrior Nun Season 2 Be Released?

It is going to be some time before we have the chance to enjoy the devilish action. Season 1 streamed in early July 2020, but the series was not able to start production of the next season until the summer of 2021.

On November 3, 2021, Barry revealed that the primary unit of production had officially been completed which means all that is left is the second unit and post-production. If all of it is according to the schedule, we could see more from Warrior Nun on our screen in late 2022.

Who in the Cast Is Returning for Warrior Nun Season 2?

Considering Simon Barry shared the news of renewal to all the Warrior Sisters, it is certified that those sisters in devil slaying will return.

So hope to see more of the lead nun Ava portrayed by Alba Baptista, Shotgun Mary portrayed by Toya Turner, Sister Lilith played by Lorena Andrea, Sister Beatrice played by Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Sister Camila portrayed by Olivia Delcan.

It would also be reasonable to see more of Jillian Salvius, Father Vincent, and Mother Superion played by Thekla Reuten, Tristan Ulloa, and Sylvia De Fanti respectively.

Adriel, played by William Miller, should have an even important role going into Season 2 as well because the finale of the first season showed that he is the hellish and negative force responsible for this divine disturbance.

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Even though Ava is extremely moving into becoming a part of the divine world instead of the terrestrial one, that does not imply people like JC won’t have a role going forward.

Barry told Entertainment Weekly that there is always scope for human characters since he and the crew behind Warrior Nun want the spirituality of the show to always be balanced by such reality.

Are There Any New Cast Members in Warrior Nun Season 2?

In October 2021, the show declared that three new members would be added to the cast: Meena Rayann will be portraying Coptic nun/journalist Yasmine Amunet, Jack Mullarkey will play the influential activist Miguel and Richard Clothier will portray the role of the Vatican’s Cardinal William Foster.

What Will It Be About?

The Netflix original committed a sin by ending Season 1 the way it did with such a suspenseful finale. Now that it is known that the legend of the Order of the Cruciform Sword is made by a lie- that Adriel is really not an angel, but a devil who stole the glory – the Sisters have an ancient problem on their hands.

The previous season ended with the devilish force fleeing from the mausoleum the Vatican held him in for years and calling in his demons into this realm, so along with their usual hunting, the Warriors will have much more darkness on their hands moving forward.

Not only will they have to encounter that in Season 2, but the Order as an entirety will also have to face its history and ideals. Simon Barry, speaking about this to EW, said that what is at risk going forward is much more than the personal difficulties of Ava adjusting to the organization. 

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With that, he indicated that the new Pope may devise his own ideas in dealing with the devil and the betrayal of Father Vincent will become even more important. While the show is just going into its second season, it seems like it is the first part of a long journey the OCS is set to go on.

With the latest reveals, Barry answered the question of whether they could exist in the way they did previously. He said that they cannot and this confidential organization has a new mandate due to what happened and such things made rebuilding more difficult.

Star Alba Baptista hinted at big plans for the second season and beyond that in an interview stating that there is going to be a massive reveal for an eventual season 2 and that it was well-thought-out.

He denied that it was not any coincidence and a new plot twist for the viewers to guess for another year so that they keenly wait for another season. 

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