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Reveal of Dead by Daylight’s Complete Ringu Chapter is Coming Soon!

Dead by Daylight creator Behaviour Interactive stated this week that the game’s next chapter would be unveiled in its entirety shortly. That Chapter is the Ringu DLC, which was released in late 2021 and is inspired by the writings of author Kji Suzuki. Still, many gamers may be more familiar with this psychological horror classic from films like The Ring and others in the franchise. The Chapter will be presented in its entirety on February 15th, along with further information.

Behavior announced the date for the upcoming Chapter reveals on social media this week, sharing a slightly altered version of the previously published teaser video. This one depicts Sadako Yamamura, Ringu’s antagonist, emerging from the franchise’s well. By contrast, the previous teaser omitted any real persons or things from the view instead of focusing only on the well.

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The additional clip is just a few seconds longer than what was previously shown, so there is still a lot to discover about the new Chapter. We don’t yet know which Survivors or Killers will be introduced however the video suggests it will be the most well-known entity. The whole bundle would presumably include a Survivor, a Killer, and a map, but in the past, some Chapters have omitted one or two of those components to generate just one of the components.

Even when the Killer and potentially a Survivor are revealed, there will still be perks, abilities, and more to discover, so there will be much more to come. Cosmetics and other such items are also worth anticipating, but the lure with any of these licensed Chapters is usually the addition of a Killer.

Once the Chapter is announced, past Chapters’ expectations imply that the Ringu content will be added on the PTB shortly afterward for players to try. Suppose the abilities, benefits, and everything else aren’t revealed with the trailer, which will premiere on February 15th. In that case, you can guarantee that information will leak online after gamers have playable characters.

Ringu Chapter of Dead by Daylight does not yet have a release date, but that is expected to change on February 15th.

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