Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Streaming

A new episode of Attack on Titan is currently streaming on Hulu. Each Sunday, subscribers to Funimation may watch season 4 (part 2) of this popular anime series for free.

Man-eating Titans prowl beyond humanity’s last strongholds. When they initially emerged, the populace was forced to shelter itself within a walled city—at least until a massive monster managed to breach their walls. Attack on Titan chronicles the efforts of a group of survivors to save the human race from annihilation. This chaotic, action-packed fantasy anime series, now in its fourth season, is building to an all-out explosive climax showdown.

attack on titan season 4 part 2

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Where to watch:

Every Sunday, Funimation will stream new episodes of Attack on Titan. Funimation is a one-stop-shop for anime fans worldwide, offering an almost infinite selection of popular episodes and suspenseful films. Register for Funimation and catch up on all your favorite shows for only $5.99/month ($7.99/month Premium Plus). To see, click here.

“The struggle for Paradis focuses in on Shiganshina just before the Jaegerists capture power,” the show’s description reads. After being dealt a severe blow by Eren’s unexpected strike, Marley responds rapidly to repay the favor. This conflict may be waged on two fronts with Zeke’s actual intentions exposed and a military compelled to follow new rules. Does Eren intend to carry out his half-intentions brother’s or does he have his own?” -Funimation

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