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‘abermore’ Gets Release Date Status Next Month for Pc – Screens & Trailer

Introduction to the Game

The player Sold Out Games today declared the release date for an amazing stealth RPG known as Abermore by Four Circle Interactive, who is the developer behind 10 Second Ninja X.

The game is developed with a special campaign and functions best along with the latest concepts which make it something totally different. The game will be released on the computer on March 29. 

About the Gameplay

In Abermore, gamers have 18 days to devise the ideal steal. Each day, the new plots are told to be revealed and the quests to finish and the chances of discovery are explored. Players are the legendary Unbeaten Man, a character that is akin to the Robin Hood story in Abermore’s world.

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The Unhappy Man tries to rob the Royal Palace as much as possible, but shrewd planning and the correct equipment are needed to go inside and out without being caught. Players can get themselves money from the black market by selling whatever they want to.

This mode of exchange is used to buy swords and crossbows, and it means that there may also be mystical powers playing around with them. In the gaming publication trailer, you can note that the protagonist flicks a card and teleports to its destination, hinting to more powers that might be important in further gameplay.

Game’s Storyline and FeaturesGame’s Storyline and Features


It is essential to differentiate between Abermore and the games it drove because it is quite more flexible. Though its plot may not seem as difficult, the game cannot be played longer because each operation has several compositions of the latest plots, methods, and accessories to rob.

The players can rob houses, steal new loot, make associations, deal with valuable goods, seduce dignitaries, explore supernatural abilities and formulate their reputation with the aim of a single goal: to loot the Royal Palace for all its value.

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What the Creators Had to Say

Dan Pearce, Game Director at Four Circle Interactive said that he does not know how they have managed to keep Abermore confidential for as long as they had but they are excited to ultimately uncover what they had been working on for so long.

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