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Release Date Status Announced for the Chrono Cross Remaster (April)

The Chrono Cross remaster is, in fact, a reality, as Nintendo demonstrated during today’s Nintendo Direct. For April 7, 2022, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition will be released on Nintendo Switch.

The Radical Dreamers Edition features disabled encounters and a remastered soundtrack. As implied by the game’s title, this version also contains the Radical adventure Dreamers, previously available only on the Satellaview.

For some time now, rumors of a Chrono Cross remaster have been floating, starting with news of a “major remake” announcement scheduled for around Christmas time this year, followed by rumors that this was a Chrono Cross remaster.

We were all a little more excited when mobile JRPG Another Eden announced a Chrono Cross cooperation, particularly after seeing its epic video set to Time Scar.

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IGN adored Chrono Cross at its first release in 2000, yet it has received mixed reviews because it is not a straight successor to Chrono Trigger but rather a bizarre alternate world spin-off.

Chrono Cross Remaster, Chrono Cross Remaster
Chrono Cross Remaster

A remaster is wonderful news, considering there has been no accurate method to play Chrono Cross since the game’s release, other than possessing an original disc or having access to PlayStation Classics.

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