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Madagascar 4 Release Date Status and Everything We Know So Far

Madagascar 4

Madagascar 4

Introduction About the Movie

Since the year 2005, the Madagascar series has become an exciting movie series for children as well as adults with its fun, adventure, and distinct story. The Madagascar series had its previous release with the spinoff movie Penguins of Madagascar in 2014.

The upcoming project Madagascar 4 can be a treat for anyone. It has been more than ten years since we got to enjoy our dear Central Park Zoo animals on their exciting journey. So the audience also began advocating for Madagascar 4 on social media and Twitter.

But will they start their upcoming journey to a new destination anytime soon? Is there any latest news about the release of Madagascar 4? Let’s see what we have.

A Little Flashback

The Madagascar film series began when four animals of the Central Park Zoo, named Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo, and Marty the Zebra, got stuck on an anonymous island.

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All four have had a satisfied and comfortable life inside the confinement of the zoo. But they become ship-wrecked on an unnamed island of Madagascar during their relocation. The animals were bored initially due to their dull and confined lives and so they set off on a trip to come back to the organized society from that unknown island.

They encounter many other animals during their journey and tour different continents like Africa and Europe. The previous installment named “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” made almost $750 million in the box office worldwide after its release in 2012. It also prompted several TV shows and spin-offs like the Madagascar Penguins.

Will Madagascar 4 Ever Happen?

Madagascar 4

During the press release after the immense success of Madagascar 3, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg had indicated the possibility of Madagascar 4. In his 2010 interview with Empire, DreamWorks had complete plans for Madagascar films.

In 2012, Anne Globe, global marketing chief of DreamWorks Animations said that it was quite early to predict and that there had not been enough discussion about that. The co-director, Eric Darnell, also provided an optimistic perspective about the future for Madagascar 4. In his opinion two things are possible.

The fans would wish for Madagascar 4 because if they don’t want it, it does not matter what they do. And the other thing is even if the world wants Madagascar 4, they have to assure that they have got an incredible, great and unexpected concept.

Then if the audience wishes for it and they have an amazing idea then they might consider it. Director Tom McGrath also expressed his desire to come back for the fourth installment of the film in 2017. In the beginning, the film had a temporary release date of 2018.

But subsequently, DreamWorks postponed the deadline because their animation policy was changed for two movies only per year. Since 2018, there are no reports from DreamWorks or the directors. Madagascar is an important series for DreamWorks with more than $2 billion global box office record for its movies.

In 2017, Tom McGrath also indicated that he wished the characters would return to the silver screen for one final occasion. But he denied any remark on the position of the project. At this moment, there can be two possibilities, either DreamWorks is hiding everything or the filming of the movie has only just started.

MisterHB reportedly stated that the final installment of Madagascar 4 was slated for 2023. But there is no official confirmation about this report. So the fans have to wait for some time to get to know what lies ahead for our lovely characters.

Possible Story of Madagascar 4

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg had provided a rough plotline for the final movie Madagascar 4. According to his opinion, the beloved animals will come back to New York Central Park Zoo and make peace with their confined life.

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He had said that ultimately they will return to New York and they will come to terms with that in the upcoming chapter. Due to the way that film ended there is possibly one more for them. However, that was some earlier concept.

As the film series developed, the four animals became a part of the circus group and felt that they did not wish to live a confined life anymore. Therefore they may flee again to the wilds to live an exciting life. 

Possible Cast for Madagascar 4

There is still no information on this thing. But it can be predicted that the four central characters will reprise their roles in Madagascar 4. Ben Stiller as Alex, Chris Rock as Marty, David Schwimmer as Melman, and Jada Pinket Smith as Gloria will portray their usual characters. Besides, some other actors may also provide their voice to certain new entrants. But nothing is confirmed yet.

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