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In the First Trailer for Thriller Alice, Keke Palmer— in 1973

Keke Palmer is reclaiming her inner strength. The actress starred in a new teaser for Alice, which debuted last month at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

The film is about an enslaved woman who escapes a farm only to discover that the year is 1973. Common’s portrayal of a political activist enables Alice to comprehend Black emancipation and unlearn the fallacies.

“It is the lady you once ‘owned.’ You saw our misery,” Palmer’s Alice tells the guy who imprisoned her over the phone (played by Jonny Lee Miller). “It is now my time.”

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Revenge-thriller Krystin Ver Linden wrote and directed Alice based on a real tale.

I AM FREEDOM There is nothing quite like a black woman coming into her POWER,” Palmer captioned the teaser on Instagram. “ALL OF US COME FROM ALICE’S because only the strong survived!”

The 28-year-old actress previously said, “This film is dear to my heart, and I put my life into my character, Alice.” I wish you feel the same way about her as I do.”

Keke Palmer

Ver Linden told the Los Angeles Times that she was inspired to write the narrative in part by a PEOPLE magazine article her mother gave her to read about Mae Miller, who was kept as an enslaved person in Mississippi until she and her family escaped in the 1960s.

“Her journey out and what she achieved with her life once she was released was extremely inspirational,” the director said.

Palmer previously explained to The Hollywood Reporter how this film differs from others that address slavery and why it seemed appropriate to present it now.

“It was just excellent in terms of being instructive, entertaining, and engaging. “I thought, ‘This is new.’ I felt powerful,” she remarked of her first reading of the screenplay.

“This is a significant event for me. When we go back in time to our possessions, it’s as if we’re saying, ‘Here we go. Now is the time to be depressed. It is time to become a victim.’ That is not what occurred in this case. That is what drew me to it.”

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“Then to have it take place in the 1970s, one of the most fertile years of the Black Power struggle — that amplified my enthusiasm.” “It got me thrilled,” Palmer said. “This is the necessary twist. This is the contemporary twist.”

Alice is scheduled to release in cinemas on March 18.

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