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5 Unanswered Questions from Yellowstone Season 5

Prepare to mount your horses, you all. Now that Yellowstone has been officially renewed for Season 5 by Paramount Network and given that the mega- Season hit’s 4 finales drew a million more viewers than the 14 million who flocked to their sofas for its season premiere, was there ever any doubt? We’re doing a deep dive into the series’ unresolved loose ends and unanswered questions.

To put it gently, there are some major issues, ranging from patriarch John’s hesitant bid for governor (and if Jamie’s death allows him to withdraw) to Kayce and Monica’s marriage (and whether or not it will continue long enough to bring Tate’s new baby brother or sister into the world). 

Please take a look below at the list of questions that have been keeping us up at night, and then hit the comments to add any more you believe we missed.

Is Beth Condemned to Prison?

She brushed off Caroline’s vow to prosecute her for business espionage against Market Equities. However, can the tough-talking con artist avoid tumbling from the frying pan into the fire this time? Her greatest — maybe her only? — I hope this may be if the following question is answered affirmatively.

Is John Going to Be Elected?

He wants governorship about as much as he desires another shooting. He is, however, prepared to see the campaign through, if only to guarantee that weaselly adopted son Jamie never has a chance to rest in that seat of power. 

Yellowstone Season 5,Yellowstone Season 5
Yellowstone Season 5

On the other hand, Will John feel compelled to persevere now that Beth has coerced Jamie into killing his biological father and procured photographic proof of the crime?

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How Bad Is Option Number Three?

Beth advised Jamie that he should have picked one of the two dreadful alternatives she provided him with. Now she claims ownership of him — but what does that entail? Will she and John use him as a pawn at the governor’s mansion? 

Will they coerce him into withdrawing from the governor race? Or will Beth’s scheme completely backfire, resulting in her despised brother forming a previously unheard-of closeness with their father?

Are Jimmy and Emily Making a Comeback?

Given that Jefferson White has been retained as a regular series and Kathryn Kelly has been added, we may expect to see more lovebirds in Season 5. 

However, does this indicate that we’ll continue to cut away from the Yellowstone to the action at the Four Sixes, therefore establishing the groundwork for the Texas-set spinoff? Or will the engaged pair return to Jimmy’s old haunts every week or two?

Is Summer Nearing Its End?

Although John successfully negotiated a reduction in the environmental activist’s jail term, no mention has been made of Piper Perabo repeating her recurring role in Season 5. 

Is perhaps a hint that once liberated from the pokey, the figure chooses to flee the Duttons — something that most individuals would have done in the face of a knife-wielding Beth?

Are Beth and Rip Truly Capable of Retaining Carter?

We are aware — the child said that he had no relatives. However, is this true? Is there no aunt or uncle, no grandparent, who may seek out the adolescent to lure him away from the stable and into a classroom? It isn’t easy to imagine there isn’t one. 

Our money is on that individual coming up around the moment Rip determines Carter is his and Beth’s child, and she finally allows the youngster to address her as a mother.

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Is Teeter Ever Going to Get a Real Story?

Throughout two seasons, Jen Landon’s marble-mouthed persona has largely mocked and puzzled her fellow ranch employees. Will we ever meet Teeter now that she has been upgraded to series regular? 

As we’re told, will we obtain any insight into her capital-R relationship with Colby? At the very least, will we get a Teeter-to-English dictionary for the sake of translating her mutterings?

What Became to Lug Nut Boy?

No. This one is not going away. John was shot and killed on the street at the Season 3 finale while assisting a young mother changing her apartment. We saw her assassination. 

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But what about her kid, who had been tasked with retrieving lug nuts from the weeds? Was he another victim of Garrett’s assassination attempt on the Duttons? Is he still actively engaged in that field? We have to know!

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