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Gentleman Jack Season 2 Release Date Status: Confirmed, Cancellation, or Renewed?

Introduction About the Show

Gentleman Jack was motivated by the true diaries of Anne Lister, a lesbian landlord who is played by Doctor Foster actress Suranne Jones. With the backdrop of the 1830s, Anne lives an unorthodox life as a businesswoman and even more so as she moves from one romantic engagement with one woman to another.

This happened until she met Ann Walker in season 1 who overturned everything. Here’s all we know as of now about the second season of Gentleman Jack. 

What Is the Release Date for Gentleman Jack Season 2?

The actual date of release has not yet been confirmed by the BBC for season 2 of Gentleman Jack. But it has come to light that the second season will come out sometime in spring 2022 so there is not too long to wait for the audience in the UK.

No information has been released about when it is going to be released in America on HBO. Shooting has been completed on the new episodes and actress Rundle has posted on Instagram to mark the event.

Rundle shared many pictures of herself and her fellow actress Jones drinking champagne behind the scenes with the caption that after an entire long year, they had wrapped on Gentleman Jack Season 2. 

Who Is in the Cast of Gentleman Jack Season 2?

Gentleman Jack Season 2

Assuming the titular role of Anne Lister, popularly known as Gentleman Jack, is actress Suranne Jones. She has featured in multiple dramas throughout the years like Coronation Street, Vigil, Scott and Bailey, and Doctor Foster.

Sophie Rundle features Anne Walker and is famous for the role of Ada Thorne in BBC One’s show Peaky Blinders. They will be reunited by the likes of Gemma Jones, Timothy West, Katherine Kelly, Derek Riddell, and Stephanie Cole.

Is There a Trailer for Gentleman Jack Season 2?

No, a trailer has not come out for Gentleman Jack Season 2. The shooting ended at the end of 2021 so it is still early for a teaser to be released. However, seeing as Gentleman is set for a Spring release, it could be just a few months before the trailer comes out. We will update this article once the trailer is released.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Plot

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The chief focus of Gentleman Jack is based on Anne Lister, who is much ahead of her time in the nineteenth century UK. She defied all gender-based limitations and made her own way.

This show narrates her way of life and struggles. Based on her stories, the program shows how she is different from other women of her time, as shown by her constant dressing sense which is similar to a male, and her engagements with opposition even from her family and friends.

As portrayed by the show’s description she was also in love with a woman, which was thought to be during her lifetime. Therefore you can be sure that this show will portray the world through her eyes. Lister earned the epithet Gentleman Jack due to her disposition and love for black suits.

There is hardly any ambiguity about whether Lister framed the basis for the modern LGBTQ+ movement. She strived constantly to develop her family house, Shibden Hall near Halifax, West Yorkshire, and never stopped.

At times she is considered the first lesbian of her time and the show’s structure constantly creaks the fourth wall, letting the audience observe Lister’s thoughts, mainly made possible by her monologues.

Subplots like Lister’s new lady’s maid Eugenie’s pregnancy are not properly dealt with, though this may be better in later episodes. But, although it is amusing and has moments of sentiments, it also teases with historical dramatic satire.

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We expect that the show continues in this mood in the upcoming season. Considering the amount of source material in the journal of Lister, there is hardly any doubt whether the program will excel itself.

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