Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date Status: Is This Series Confirmed?

Introduction to the Show

BBC has made consistent hits over the years, but some shows are more successful than others. In 2018, Jed Mercurio, the brainchild of the ongoing crime show “Line of Duty” made a new series called Bodyguard.

Featuring Richard Madden as Police Sergeant David Budd, an extremely talented officer with PTSD, “Bodyguard” was very successful following its release. Then once Netflix acquired it and brought the show to the view of a global audience, it was a certain hit.

The first season of Bodyguard shows Budd as he is in charge of manning Home Secretary Julia Montague, a driven but estranged leader whose ideals Budd firmly opposes. Soon after he starts his new job, Budd starts finding a political scheme of terrorism, cybersecurity, and connivance all while managing his personal unfolding mind.

Throughout the first season’s six episodes, the audience might encounter many thrilling moments and you have no idea what could be next on the cards. Viewers and critics liked the show, with Bodyguard having a firm 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Obviously, fans were not convinced with only six episodes and soon after the end of season 1, people started demanding a second season. Here is all we know about Bodyguard season 2 so far.

When Will Bodyguard Season 2 Be Released?

Bodyguard Season 2
Bodyguard Season 2

This is a very tough question to answer. The first season of Bodyguard came out in August and September of 2018 and English shows are extremely slow at making new seasons, so fans are aware that it would take some time before new episodes are released.

According to the current situation, the show is not actually renewed or ruled out, but that does not indicate much, as Madden, Mercurio, and others indulged in Bodyguard have been talking about a second season ever since the completion of the first one, and it seems pragmatically assured.

The question only here is when. In a conversation with Deadline in 2018, a while after BBC’s Bodyguard launched on Netflix, Madden seemed quite certain that Season 2 would happen to state that he was going to meet Jed in some weeks and consult with him about what he did have on his genius mind.

In mid-2019, Mercurio assured at the Banff World Music Festival that he was discussing with BBC but that Season 2 was not really signaled.

In late 2019, actor Nicholas Gleaves, who portrayed the role of Roger Penhaligon in Bodyguard Season 1 told RadioTimes that he talked with a producer who totally ascertained a second season but until it becomes official, it is still up in the air.

Now after Madden has finished his projects with “From Now” and “Eternals”, paving way for himself to come back to Bodyguard. Considering the timeline, the latest new episodes could be released probably next year or early 2023 unless BBC starts filming really rapidly.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Bodyguard Season 2?

Firstly, Bodyguard would not be the same without PS Budd, so it is obvious to expect that Madden would return as the titular character.

Other supporting cast members returning could be Gina McKee as Commander Anne Sampson who is heading the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, Sophie Rundle as Vicky Budd, PS Budd’s alienated wife and the mother of their two children, Nina Toussaint-White as DS Louise Rayburn, Counter-Terrorism personnel who seems to trust Budd despite the investigation against him and Ash Tandon as DCI Deepak Sharma, a skillful investigator who thinks that Budd is aiding the terrorists.

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Though it is healthy to say that Hawes will not be coming back as Montague, there are certainly other characters in the supporting cast who could feature in upcoming storylines, like Vincent Franklin as Minister of State Mike Travis, Stuart Bowman as Stephen Hunter-Dunn, Director General of MI-5, Pippa Haywood as wicked CSI Lorraine Craddock or Michael Schaeffer as the uncanny Richard Longcross.

The latest episodes will probably showcase a period sometime after that of the first season, so be ready to see some new people in Budd’s life.

What Will Bodyguard Season 2 Be About?

At the completion of Season 1 of Bodyguard, Budd comprehensively finds out who is behind Montague’s death, besides some people within the government who are maneuvering the system to allow for suspicious operations to go unnoticed.

Budd is officially acquitted of any crimes linked with the killing of Montague and he decides to get aid for his PTSD with the intention to amend his relationships with Vicky and his children.

With the manner their relationship is during the end of the first season, it looks like Budd and Vicky will not be coming back together with each deciding to go ahead and see other people, but they will keep co-parenting.

After everything is cleared, the British Prime Minister is pressured to resign, besides MI-5 chief Hunter-Dunn. Longcross flees custody, making it open for the show to further unravel who he is and what his intentions are.

Though there are only some interactions between Longcross and Budd in the first season, they are intense and absorbing and it would be amazing to notice that enmity develops further in the future.

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So far, nothing about the story of Bodyguard Season 2 is certain, although it is probable that the show will continue the plot some years after, with the audience meeting a very changed Budd.