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Release Date Status, Trailer, and More for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Brief Introduction About the Game

Capcom gave new details on what is to come from the Monster Hunter franchise at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show in September. The PC port of Monster Hunter Rise and its forthcoming paid DLC enhancement, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, were among the top announcements of the event.

This enhancement promises to develop the foundation of one of the best multiplayer games on PC with more difficult quests, a background to explore, new accessories to collect, and new monsters to kill.

This DLC is slated to be launched sometime in the summer of 2022. In the meanwhile, here is all you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

What Is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a paid DLC enhancement to Monster Hunter Rise, the latest mainline name in Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. The development emphasizes the same process of hunting monsters and using their body parts to make strong accessories to fight bigger enemies.

The background of the original Monster Hunter Rise allows you to defend the peaceful Kamura village from monsters driven wild by an uncanny phenomenon called The Rampage.

Sunbreak happens shortly after this event and it sees your player character go to a faraway island called Elgado at the command of a female knight. This knight also has a similarity to Rondane, one of Kamura’s Villages traders that you purchase things from.

This is all that has been divulged about the plot of Sunbreak as of now and Capcom says more details will come up at a later date.

I foretell that this knight has heard stories of your hunting accolades and is wanting to ask for your help in rescuing her homeland from Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s original monster, the Elder Dragon, Malzeno.

What New Features Will Sunbreak Bring?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Like with older expansions to Monster Hunter titles like Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will have new features to the original game.

For beginners, it will have Master Rank, a difficulty rating that has challenging quests that make High-Rank quests look simple by comparison. Master Rank missions will also provide players with new armor and weapon set stronger than the High-Rank editions and with the latest layouts to match their power.

There will also be new regions to discover and a new set of operations filled with characters to interconnect with. One of the latest maps is a destroyed castle that Malzeno calls home.

Monster Hunter Rise had a special mission called The Rampage where you protected the gates of Kamura village from waves of monsters in tower defense quests. There are no recent details if these Rampage missions will come back or if Sunbreak will substitute them with another kind of mission totally. 

What New Monsters Will Sunbreak Have?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will have all the monsters of the base game besides original monsters and audience-favorite to the list. In contrast to rising’s new monsters which were prompted by old Japanese yōkai, Sunbreak’s latest monsters are similar to creatures of European mythology.

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For instance, the original monster of Sunbreak, Malzeno, looks like it is based on vampires. It stays in a destroyed castle, only emerges in the dark of night and it is observed biting the neck of a Rathalos in the debut teaser trailer.

The second latest monster, Lunagaron, is a dog-like Fanged Wyvern that converts to become more wolf-life while being open to the light of a full moon, similar to a werewolf. About the previous monsters, the only one confirmed as of now is the Shogun Ceanataur.

It is a massive crab monster that made its first appearance all the way back in Monster Hunter 2 on the PlayStation 2. It harms its prey with razor-sharp claws and sometimes uses the skulls of other monsters as a cover, like Gravios, for example. 

Will Sunbreak Have Multiplayer?

Similar to the base game, you can play with your friends by the four-player online co-op. Missions in Monster Hunter Rise are separated into Village Quests and Hub Quests.

Village Quests ate offline-only missions meaning single players that also act in the game’s story mode. Hub Quests are where you can enjoy with others online but they can be played solo, offline too.

The toughness of Hub Quests ranges around how many players are there during a kill. For example, if there are two players in a mission, the monster will have more health than they did when there was a single player. Monster Hunter Rise also lets players bring an NPC supporter with them in multiplayer missions.

Are There Any Pre-order Bonuses?

There are no pre-order rewards declared at this time. 

Are There Any Special or Limited Editions?

There are no special or limited versions declared yet.

Will It Feature Cross-platform Play Between Pc and Console?

Capcom has ascertained by Twitter that the PC editions of Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak will not have a cross-platform play or save features with the Nintendo Switch edition.

But it is aware of the increasing interest for cross-play support in Monster Hunter titles. So it presumably will try to incorporate cross-play options in future Monster Hunter games.

Will Monster Hunter Rise or Sunbreak Ever Come to Xbox?

There is no news of Capcom confirming or refuting the chance of Monster Hunter Rise or its enhancement Sunbreak releasing for Xbox. According to a talk with Gamesradar, one of the causes of Monster Hunter Rise getting a PC port was the feedback from players.

This implies that there is a probability that Monster Hunter and Sunbreak could be transferred to the Xbox Series X/S if there is enough demand for it.

What Is the Launch Price and Availability?

The price of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is not revealed yet, but when it is released, it will be there to buy on the Nintendo Switch’s integrated store and PC by Steam.

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To get access to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s content, you will have to purchase the base game and finish the in-game 7 Star Hub Quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder.

What Is the Release Date?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has an unconfirmed release date for the summer of 2022, just like the Nintendo Switch edition. We currently don’t have an idea about the actual release date, but we suppose it will launch shortly after the Nintendo Switch version or on the same date.

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