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The Valorant Lunar New Year Tigris Bundle: Release Date Status, Price, Skins, and More



This article contains all the information related to the Valorant Lunar New Year bundle. It also has other details like the release date of the bundle, price, skins, and details about the rewards.

Introduction About the Bundle

In the event of Lunar New Year, Riot has declared an all-new collection with Tigris skin line including multiple gun skin with the Lunar Celebration Pass with many prizes such as a gun buddy, spray, and others. Things seem to be getting interesting this week as Valorant is prepared to commemorate Lunar New Year.

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It has all come with a little surprise, so if you want any information, here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Lunar Celebrations 2022.

Valorant Lunar New Year Bundle Release Date

Riot has not declared the release date for the Valorant Lunar New Year Tigris collection. But it is probable to become accessible on 2nd February after the Protocol 781-A skin line lapses in the store. The celebrations in China continue for 15 days, whether that is the case in Valorant remains to be seen.

Valorant Lunar New Year Tigris Bundle Price and Skins

The Valiant Lunar New Year Tigris Bundle

Similar to the release date, the amount of the bundle is not announced and we will update it here once it is declared. 


The Lunar New Year is a period of giving and in Valorant it is nothing different. The total range of challenges and items has not yet been revealed but in the announcement trailer, you can visibly observe a gun buddy, tiger spray, and a player card with Sage, Jett, and the recently added Neon.

They are not the only free items Valorant players can collect in February because the Prime Gaming Bundle is also offering so many free rewards. 

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Tigris Skin Bundle

2022 is the year of the tiger, and therefore to respect the event, Valorant is getting the Tigris skin bundle. Showing skins for the Shorty, Spectre, Phantom, and Operator, besides a new hand weapon skin, the red, gold, and black accented skins come with a lot of gleam and sparkle.

No prices are known as of now for the collection which is anticipated to be made available on February 2, after the expiration of the Protocol skins which are now present in the in-game store.

The bundle looks attractive, so don’t miss out on grabbing it because it will be available for a certain period of time in Valorant, like the previous skin lines.

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