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The Bad Guys Release Date Status, Cast, Plot and Trailer



The Bad Guys is a new American action, crime, computer-animated robbery comic, family movie made by DreamWorks Animation. The movie is DreamWorks Animation’s second movie distributed by Universal Pictures to not be a second part to an already existing movie after Abominable in 2019.

Damon Ross and Rebecca Huntley have produced the film while the executive producers are Blabey, Cohen, Patrick Hughes and Jeff Berg. To find out more about this movie and why you should watch it, read here.

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The Bad Guys: Cast and Plot

DreamWorks has not yet declared who will be giving voice to the main cast of characters in The Bad Guys officially. That said, its IMDb page currently shows four cast members namely, Awkwafina, Sam Rockwell, Craig Robinson and Marc Maron. The movie refers to the famous children’s book series with the same title by Australian writer Aaron Blabey which has sold 8.2 million copies in the world.

The Bad Guys

The film focuses on many reformed yet misunderstood negative characters known as Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula. All five are exhausted from their criminal life and decide to change their lives as forces of good. Now they want to be good, which is not so simple.

The Bad Guys: Release Date and Trailer

The trailer and any video of this film are available now. With a release date of 2022, we have now got the long-expected trailer. In December 2020, the movie was postponed to 2022, though it was said that it would receive a new date within the next few weeks. 

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So these are the important pieces of details about the film. There are no reports of a delay in the year of release, so be prepared with your enthusiasm. The Bad Guys have a gigantic fanbase, and the film has to be equally great. We are enthralled. Are you?


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