Morbius 2022 Release Date in the Uk, Cast, Trailer, and Plot

This article contains all the information related to the Marvel movie Morbius and its release date in 2022. It also has details about its plot, cast, trailer, and fan theories.

Introduction and Brief About the Movie

Sony has officially postponed its Marvel film Morbius yet again, pushing the release date for the highly anticipated movie back by about two months. The push from January to April is known to have happened due to the risk surrounding the increase in Covid-19 cases due to the Omicron variant.

The film features Jared Leto in the role of Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who, after being identified with a rare blood disease, becomes determined to search for a recovery method. While he is able to succeed in his hunt he soon finds that it is at a horrific cost and that he has transmuted into a living vampire.

The other cast members include Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, Tyrese Gibson, and Jared Harris. It might be more than two years since the first trailer came out in January 2020, but a second trailer came out in November 2021 and gave us more hints about the plot of the film.

The clip gave us a glimpse of the weird experiment that causes Jared Leto’s character of Michael Morbius to transmute as well as some rather amazing vampire battles as the biochemist learns to regulate his newly found strength. We also had another view of Michael Keaton, further indicating that this film might somehow bind into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We also had some visuals of Spider-Man and many references to Venom, one film series Mobius shares a universe with and there were also reports suggesting a special appearance of Tom Hardy very likely. Stay tuned for everything we know as of now about Morbius including release date postponements and cast details. 

Morbius Release Date

Morbius 2022 Release Date
Morbius 2022 Release Date

Sony has delayed the release date for Morbius further. While the Marvel film was previously slated to release on 28th January 2022, it is now scheduled for a release date of 1st April 2022. The movie is no new thing to delay.

Morbius actually had its release slated for 31st July 2020 in both the UK and the United States, but like many other films, it was pushed back multiple times as a direct effect of the coronavirus pandemic. The movie has since been postponed five times, with older release dates including March and October 2021.

This means the film will hit the theaters more than two years after the first trailer came out in January 2020. The film began shooting in England towards the end of February 2019, with Leto advertising the start of shooting with a tweet of a first-week clapperboard.

His co-star Matt Smith, was also seen on set in Manchester during the shooting before the production shifted to Atlanta, where the shooting was finished in May 2019. Impressively, however, reshoots for Morbius were happening as late as January 2021.

Morbius moving into 2022 means it is now part of a huge deal Sony Pictures Entertainment and Netflix agreed in the month of April 2021, which presented Netflix with the complete rights to stream Sony’s 2022 films beyond after their release in theaters.

This implies that Morbius, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, Uncharted, and others will all be streaming on Netflix after their release in theaters. But, since this was only a US deal, it is unsure whether Netflix will also stream Morbius in the UK.

Morbius Cast

Jared Leto is portraying the titular role of Morbius, which was conceptualized in 1971 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Going by the name of Michael Morbius, the Nobel-winning biochemist tried to heal with their own blood infection but rather converted himself into a pseudo-vampire with extra-human powers.

He started out as a villain in the comics before gradually turning into kind of an anti-hero. Morbius is not the only superhero movie of Leto, his much-discussed Joker shown in 2016’s Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League but, in spite of its box office success, the film gathered negative reviews and Leto did not make a comeback for the sequel.

Matt Smith accompanies him in Morbius, portraying the character of Loxias Crown- the movie’s antagonist and the best friend of Morbius who is infected with the same blood ailment. Crown is harmed by Morbius in the comics, also turning into a Living Vampire named Hunger.

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Smith stated he was convinced to join a superhero movie by his previous Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan, who plays the character of Nebula in Marvel Cinematic Universe, told him that she really liked making such movies and it convinced Smith.

Also making an appearance is Jared Harris as the supervisor of Morbius, Adria Arjona as the movie’s central love figure, and Tyrese Gibson playing an FBI agent who is tracking down the so-called living vampire. Gibson will portray comic book figure Simon Stroud and will be wearing a high-tech mechanized arm in the movie according to rumors he signed a three-picture agreement when he took up the film.

Fans had guessed that Jared Harris might also be portraying the iconic Spider-Man antagonist Doctor Octopus aka Dr. Otto Octavius, but he straightaway refused such claims. When asked by Variety whether his role might be the iconic antagonist, the Chernobyl actor replied in the negative stating that though he liked the fans’ imagination and it is thrilling for him but he was not playing that role.

And surprising everyone, Michael Keaton is certainly appearing in the film after being shown in the teaser trailer. It is yet to be ascertained if she will be once again taking up his Spider-Man role as Vulture, but there is obviously quite a possibility.  A special appearance from Tom Hardy’s Venom was also teased in August 2021, after director Daniel Espinosa slipped that Hardy has a part in this Marvel film too.

Morbius Plot

Based on the trailer, it seems like ok we will be noticing a dark creation in the superhero genre. In the teaser, we get to see Michael Morbius played by Leto as he strives to recover from a rare blood ailment- going to the extent of testing with bat DNA to cure himself which converts him into his vampire-like figure.

Leto described the character during Variety’s Actor on Actors interview, and how he found the segment difficult due to the correspondence he found with the role. Leto said he was tempted by the role because he starts on this journey from striving to finding a solution for his disease and subsequently becoming unbelievably healthy and then having certain modifications in a manner that he becomes a savage.

He went on to add that it was challenging for him in some way because he was not accustomed to portraying roles that are slightly closer to who he is, every day. Dr. Michael Morbius is somewhat akin to the way that he talks and disposes of himself. 

Morbius Trailer

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the character Jared Leto published a behind-the-scenes featurette for Morbius in November 2021, which in spite of having just some same videos got people attracted.

The featurette also revealed a new full-length trailer, which portrayed certain Venom references, sneak peeks of all important characters and a better sight of the experiment that prompts  Morbius to transmute and also his beast form in action.

Morbius Scene- the Transformation

On December 5, Morbius published an entire scene for fans to enjoy that displayed the transmutation of Dr. Michael Morbius into his vampiric self. Adria Arjona also is seen in the clip as the fiancee of Morbius Martine Bancroft who is seen treating Michael in the video. Morbius fights with an armed group of guards before gradually changing back to his human appearance. We should see many such visuals in the new film.

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Will Tom Holland’s Spider-man Make an Appearance?

Possibly the most engrossing aspect of the trailer is the presence of Michael Keaton with many fans guessing that he is portraying Vulture, the same super-villain in MCU film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This raises many doubts as Venom and Morbius exist in a cinematic universe Sony has developed to be separate from the one shown in Disney’s MCU movies, where Tom Holland’s edition of Spider-Man exists as of now.

But if Keaton is indeed re-taking his character as Vulture, it could pave the way for Sony and Disney’s separate universes combining at some point in time, but that is just another guess at this point in time.

An executive of Sony has since stated that there is an idea for Spider-Man to cross over with Venom and Morbius and added that things will become further transparent when Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to the theaters.

After the incidents of Loki, the forthcoming threequel is broadly speculated to explore the multiverse and it could make way for Sony’s universe of characters to merge with the MCU through the line.

Michael Keaton has talked about his ambiguity after the makers of Morbius talked with him about the latest Marvel storylines and the concept of a cinematic universe, which definitely indicates that a complicated multiverse plot could be a possibility.

Keaton is not the singular Spider-Man connection, however, as a picture of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man apparel can be noticed in the first trailer of the film while a newspaper showed in the behind-the-scenes episode referred to antagonists Rhino and Black Cat who both appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

To make things even more perplexed, the word ‘murderer’ has been scribbled over the photo of Maguire’s costume, certainly indicating the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. So let’s wait and see whether these are just to confuse the audience or if some multiverse maneuvering will be connecting the multiple universes of Spider-Man.

As of now, Tom Holland is not expected to feature in Morbius, with Sony only showing him in a cartoon form, with the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018. Sony has been striving for its superhero genre which currently has Morbius, a sequel for Venom, and an enthralling project by Olivia Wilde which is known to introduce Spider-Woman.

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