Aztech Forgotten Gods Finally Have a Release Date

This article contains all the information related to the game Aztech Forgotten Gods and its release date. It also has details about the gameplay, required specifications, and other things.

About the Game

Lienzo, who is the developer of Mulaka, has announced that its upcoming game, colossus fighter Aztech Forgotten Gods, will be launched on March 10. You will get to enjoy the role of Achtli, a fictional sophisticated fighter on a hunt to rescue her residence of Tenochtitlan.

She will make use of Lightkeeper, a strong synthetic limbs arm, to protect the Aztec city. The arm is activated by unique mystical energy that grants massive strength and potential to Acholi.

You would be able to use these powers to find a high-tech Mesoamerican chief city. Lightkeeper makes it simple to explore by jumping long distances, delivering powerful blows, and grinding rails.

Moreover, you will have to utilize these spectacular methods as you face giant bosses, which you will have to outplay and hit on significant weak regions. Be ready for an “action-packed” encounter and arduous clashes as you face a variety of gods in your way.

Besides, there are many places to discover on the map as well as secrets to find. As stated earlier, the game is developed by the same people who made the 2018 thriller Mulaka, which celebrated native culture. Aztech Forgotten Gods will be made accessible in Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on the 10th of March.

Aztech Forgotten Gods Gameplay

Aztech Forgotten Gods Finally Have a Release Date
Aztech Forgotten Gods Finally Have a Release Date

Aztech Forgotten Gods is a 3D game with some very hard jumping difficulties. To reach your ultimate aim of rescuing your city from the dreadful creatures, you must start discovering a surrounding of Aztech mythology interlinked with sci-fi revolution, thumping giant monsters and finding your way through mausoleums and shrines.

Assist Achtli, a nanotechnology-developed fighter, on her mission to protect Tenochtitlan, her hometown and the head of the Aztec empire. For many years, the people of Aztec and their city prospered in the absence of European involvement, giving rise to unimaginable technological creations.

Something mysterious is spurring now and the re-emergence of an anonymous enemy continues to risk the Mesoamerican capital’s very existence. Acholi must stand firm against perilous enemies, carrying armor with Lightkeeper, a powerful powerful arm functioned by unique energy.

Use the talent of Lightkeeper to go into action mode, causing destructive blasts to gods out to ruin her beloved residence. Lightkeeper can be exploited to trigger Achtli all over Tenochtitlan, causing the front wheels of the vehicle to pop out hanging buildings, crushing brightly lit railings, and assisting to bring her near enough to battered the colossus in her way before striking them with rocket fires.

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Throughout heroic fights, start involved in an action-packed battle that mingles motion and precision timing. Learn aerial movements to change position, edge, and hit significant weak regions in an attempt to side the battle in Achtli’s favor. Admit the power of the Lightkeeper to become a savior of Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs.

Aztech Forgotten Gods System Requirements

The basic system requirements for the game are CPU with Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, GPU Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580, Windows 8 64-bit operating system, and 3GB available storage space.

The recommended system requirements for the game are CPU Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 780, Windows 10 64-bit, and 3GB storage space. Aztech Forgotten Gods, besides being a pretty amazing game, should work on some old systems.

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However, you will need to spend at least $500 on your assembled PC, but even then, you will be doing the very minimum, due to that processor. For about $700, you can get a semi-recent i7, but fetching a reasonably priced GPU in the recent economic scenario might not be too easy.

Certainly, a pre-built with moderate performance will cost you a little more. You would have to spend a minimum of $800 to ensure you get the specifications you need on the inside, but that should contain both the minimum and suggested specs.


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