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Squid Game Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and More About Netflix’s Hit Show

Welcome back fam today we are here to talk about our favorite K drama series Squid game. This latest series of Netflix has created a lot of trees among fans. This series was released on September 21 and everyone has had enough of the squid game.

The story is based on a similar theme as such in The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. An entire group of strangers would be fighting with each other for the last prize. However, in this game, the only change was that the players of the games willingly took part in the game for the prize. 

In this game, there would be a total of 465 players and they would participate in various rounds of a completely based Korean childhood game to win the cash prize of 38.5 million dollars which would be given to them to pay off their debts.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds and this game was the reason for hundreds of deaths in the movie just like the Hunger games only one player at the end plans on stopping this ongoing game which leads to so many deaths. 

And as the first part of the game ended in suspicion of continuation all the fans are eagerly waiting to see if the main character of the show Gi-hun would be able to stop the game or will the game still continue? Keep on reading the article to know what is going to happen and everything about the second season of Squid Game. 

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date

Squid Game Season 2

Recently Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos had announced on the 28th of January that Squid Game will be back for one more season. When asked about what is what shall we expect from this upcoming season he replied that a lot of drama should be expected from the second season of the Squid Game. Along with that, he said that our entire Universe of squid game has just started. 

In an event held in Hollywood on the 8th of November the director and writer of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk had also made an official announcement regarding the second season to be back. In the event, they have shared that it’s such a big pressure as the series is in such high demand and people are showing so much love for the second season.

Thus he felt that no choice had been left for him to not bring the second season back to us. He further said that he has been planning to create the entire second and everything is in his head right now and also said Gi hun is going to be back and we’ll be doing something very amazing for the world.

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In an interview with variety in September 2021, Hwang said that he is very much overwhelmed with the success of the show. However, it is very stressful to handle so much success and pressure at the same time. He also agreed that while making season 1 he never thought of making a second season and with so much love for the series he would love to develop a second season now. 

He further added that he doesn’t have any big plans for the second season now, and it is a bit tiring for him to think about it. But if he had planned on doing the second season he would love to have some other experienced writers and directors in the show as well. 

As Netflix has just announced the renewal of the game for the second season we are not sure about the exact release date yet. However, if any update is made by the makers we will update it over here so you should not forget to keep checking on our article.

Squid Game Season 2 Plot

As we all know in the first season Gi- Hun won at the end of the show and made it out alive. But even after getting out alive, he found out that the game was still going on and he planned on taking the road back to the game and stopping the game. 

And if we talk about the plot twists in the game the old man who the main character betrayed was actually the creator of the game and Gi-Hun found this out after he was out of the game.

Along with that, he witnessed the recruiter who had recruited him to the game and from there on he had planned on taking this deadly step and the game anyhow. As of now no official plot for the second season has been released but if we look at where the first season ended we are sure that it will definitely lead him to stop the game.

Squid Game Season 2 Cast

As the first season has mostly killed the entire cast of the squid game we are expecting that a lot of cast members are not going to be back for the second season. However, we are sure that the main lead character of the show is going to be back as he will be planning on ending the game anyhow.

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And other than him we might see a lot of new faces back in the game who would be participating in the game if the game is happening once again. So do not forget to keep checking on our column for all the updates about the show once it is announced by the makers.

Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite characters and your favorite show.

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