The Gilded Age Season 1: Is the Official Release Date Out or Not?

This article contains all the information related to the show The Gilded Age and its release date. It also has details about its plot, streaming platform, trailer, shooting location, and cast.

Brief Introduction About the Show

Find your girdles, eyeglasses, and trousers, The Gilded Age season 1 is releasing on HBO and Sky Atlantic. If anyone can quickly make a good time drama it is none other than Julian Fellowes, maker of the TV show and movie franchise Downtown Abbey.

Now it seems that he could work wonders again with his latest series The Gilded Age, showing the aristocratic society and influential people of the 1880s New York.

So here is everything you are required to know about the nine-part outfit show The Gilded Age that is coming on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic/NOW in the UK in January 2022.

The Gilded Age Plot and What Happens

The Gilded Age Season 1
The Gilded Age Season 1

Julian Fellowes’ newest period drama The Gilded Age has its background in and around New York during the 1880s. The name of the show refers to the period of affluence in those times in the United States due to the industrial revolution and the series will portray the comings and goings of the higher ranks of New York’s aristocratic society during that time.

The plot starts in 1882, introducing us to young Marian Brook who is the parentless daughter of a Union general who relocates to the New York City home of her well-inherited aunts Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook.

Marian unintentionally is stuck in a social fight between one of her aunts, who is a descendant of the inherited wealth, and her extraordinarily wealthy neighbors, the cruel railroad magnate and his desirous wife, George and Bertha Russell, and their son Larry.

Haughty Agnes is a foundation of the orthodox higher classes and she is scared when George Russell, who is a rich and cruel railroad magnate becomes her neighbor. The power-hungry wife of George, Bertha, is craving to join the cream of society but their upstart background becomes a hurdle.

Christine Baranski explains that Agnes is really strict and powerful but has very dry humor. She is dismayed by the change in the city because people are spending crazy amounts of money to influence other people.

Meanwhile, as Marian and her friend, aspiring writer Peggy Scott, who she meets on the journey to New York, try to find their position amidst the rushing social fuss, the Russells’ kind graduate son Larry catches Marian’s eye, while her lawyer Tom Raikes also starts liking her.

But as Marian is stuck in the city’s class battle, can she follow her heart? Louisa says Marian knows her possible fate will be to marry as well as she can, but she desires more. She is restricted by the norms of her time, but there is a modern element in her.

She wishes to do something with her life. Marian finds a way to manipulate the norms. Eager for his many fans to invest in the characters, Julian Fellowes quickly clarifies that The Gilded Age is not a prequel to Downtown Abbey, in which things started in 1912 with reports of the Titanic’s sinking.

He says that The Gilded Age is about a time much before Downtown Abbey. It is about 1880s New York and the many types and events that happen there.

The Gilded Age Release Date on HBO and Sky Atlantic

The Gilded Age will be released in the US on HBO on Monday, Jan. 24, 2022 at 9 pm. It will then be released in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday, January 25 at 9 pm. It is also available on the streaming platform NOW. The nine-episode series is a co-production between HBO and Universal Television which is a part of Universal Studio Group. 

Is There a Trailer for the Gilded Age?

Yes, a whole trailer for The Gilded Age has been released by HBO and Sky Atlantic and it shows that the 9-part drama is as luxurious as we had expected it to be.

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The Gilded Age Locations

Have a look at some of the first looks of The Gilded Age crew members around the Bethesda Fountain, New York, and some Instagram posts of the shooting. Filming of the show initially started in February in Rhode Island at the villas Chateau-sur-Mer, The Elms, and The Breakers.

It then shifted to New York, shooting at the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown as well as in the city, including on Fifth Avenue in the lower 70s and in Central Park at Bethesda Terrace. It was also shot in Troy for some weeks between Second and Third Street near its decorative Washington Park.

This is one of two private housing parks in the state. Both of them have landlords living next to the parks as caretakers who have the keys to unlock the park gates. The area’s design is ideal for portraying Manhattan in the 19th century.

Set creators also aided in transforming the Washington Park and Monument Square regions into 1880s fashion, with building semblances, accurate shopfronts, fake cobblestone, and many horse-drawn carriages. Filming of The Gilded Age was actually slated to happen in 2020 but the coronavirus outbreak spoiled the plans.

The Gilded Age Cast – Who’s Starring

The Gilded Age has an ensemble cast and leading the path is debutant Louisa Jacobson, who portrays the role of Marian Brook, the young actress from an old family of Pennsylvania.

Cynthia Nixon, popular as Miranda in Sex and the City, will play the role of Marian’s aunt Ada Brook while Mamma Mia! and Chicago actress Christine Baranski plays the other aunt of Marian, Agnes van Rhijn.

Kelli O’Hara plays Aurora Fane, who is Agnes van Rhijn’s niece by marriage and who takes care of Marian. Among the probable suitors of Marian is Agnes’ son Oscar van Rhijn, portrayed by Indian Summers actor Blake Ritson. Another actor on the scene is Tom Raikes, a responsible young lawyer.

Denée Benton portrays Peggy Scott, the African American friend of Marian and an aspiring writer. John Douglas Thompson is her father, Arthur Scott, a freed slave, and prosperous businessman, whereas six-time Tony winner Audra McDonald plays her mother Dorothy.

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Carrie Coon portrays middle-class-born Bertha Russell and Morgan Spector plays her baron husband, George Russell. Taissa Farmiga portrays the character of their daughter Gladys, and Harry Richardson plays son Larry. Patrick Page plays the secretary of George, Richard Clay.

Amy Forsyth portrays Caroline ‘Carrie’ Astor, the daughter of one of the most powerful women in New York, while Hollywood actor Nathan Lane is Ward McAllister who plays Mrs. Astor’s companion and gatekeeper of her social connections.

Also watch out for Jeanne Tripplehorn playing Sylvia Chamberlain, who is a tall, pretty, and mysterious character in society. Bill Irwin plays Cornelius Eckhard, Ada’s previous lover from her time in Pennsylvania, who may still have something in his heart for her.

Similar to Downtown Abbey, there are several ‘below stairs’ characters as well. In the Van Rhijn household this includes Simon Jones as chief servant Bannister, Debra Monk plays lady’s maid Armstrong and Kristine Nielsen as the cook Mrs. Bauer.

Meanwhile, the household crew of the Russells includes Jack Gilpin as the butler Church, Celia Keenan-Bolger portraying housekeeper Mrs. Bruce and Douglas Sills is French cook Monsieur Baudin. Michael Cerveris plays the manservant Watson and Kelley Curran plays Turner, the lady’s maid. Ada’s house has Taylor Richardson as her maid Bridget and Ben Ahlers plays the footman, Jack Treacher.

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