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Deep Water Release Date Status: Everything We Know So Far

This article contains all the information about the psychological horror film Deep Water and its release date. It also includes details about its cast, plot, trailer, director, and more

Brief Introduction About the Film

Supposed to be stirring, spicy, and uncertain, Deep Water is an erotic thriller based on the 1957 novel with the same title written by Patricia Highsmith. With on-screen passion and a brutal story, this unexpected plot of mental battle is certain to excite you to the fullest.

The script was co-written by Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson and Zach Helm and the direction is going to be provided by Adrian Lyne, who has returned to take on the movie after a break of 20 years at 80 years of age.

What Is Deep Water About?

Deep Water is supposed to follow the same compelling storyline of the book, set in the small town of Little Wesley. The plot shows the loveless marital relationship of Vic and Melinda Van Allen, a rich couple who find that their relationship is stumbling.

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To abstain from a chaotic divorce Vic agrees to let Melinda have extramarital relationships, as long as she does not abandon the family. Vic gradually becomes envious and determined to strive and win his wife back and try to relight the spark through a menacing psychological battle.

Vic then is found to be the chief accused in the disappearance of Melinda’s partners as the couple play mind tricks with devastating consequences. A story of psychosis in the perfect appearance that is the American outskirts life, where things look flawless apparently while in reality are very torn and twisted.

Fused with layers of sharpness and depth, the emotional story is one of author Gillian Flynn’s prized novels. Flynn penned the book Gone Girl which was made into the 2014 thriller movie of the same name that featured Affleck as another developing bad-boy.

Who Is Patricia Highsmith?

Author of the novel that stimulated the making of the upcoming film, Highsmith is a rewarded thriller and crime writer whose works like Strangers On A Train, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and The Price Of Salt, all went to be adapted into films.

Being apprehensive of ostracization, Highsmith used the pen name Claire Morgan for her novel The Price of Salt because the story of two women falling in love is a story that is somewhat personal to the author’s experiences. Highsmith did not wish to be recognized as a “lesbian book writer” and face the bigotry that came with being a member of the LGBTQ+ community in the 1940s and 50s.

Other than her twenty-two novels Highsmith penned many comics, essays, short stories with many of her creations being made into film, television, theater, and radio. Patricia Highsmith died in 1995 at the age of 74, passing on her property of three million dollars to the community of Yaddo artists, whose motive is to enhance the creative process. 

Who Is Adrian Lyne?

Deep Water Release Date

The director began his film career with advertisements in the 1970s and shot too much of his men in the 1980s with movies like Foxes featuring Jodie Foster, the 1983 classical movie Flashdance, the erotic 9 ½ Weeks, and the lewd mental thriller Fatal Attraction.

In the 90s Lyne directed the psychological terror Jacob’s Ladder and the American drama Indecent Proposal featuring Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore. Lyne took a 20-year interval after the 2002 film Unfaithful, a sexual thriller about a couple whose marriage has gone amiss when the wife has a relationship with a total stranger.

Fans of previous works of Lyne are thrilled to see his performance on the big screen once more and based on his accomplishment on sexual thrillers and psychic horrors Lyne is ideal to direct this twisted and provocative story.

Is There a Trailer Available?

Despite beginning the shooting in November 2019, there is no trailer released yet. Also, pictures of the film are yet to be published. As the release date of January approaches, fans of Highsmith’s works are waiting to have a glance at what director Adrian Lyne has created with this dark literature work.

Who Will the Cast Be?

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas will play the roles of Vic and Melinda Van Allen. Along with them, the cast includes Tony Award winner Tracy Letts, Rachel Blanchard, Milton Howery Jr, Finn Wittrock, Jacob Elordi, Dash Mihok, and Kristen Connoly. Fans wait to notice if Affleck brings the menacing cynicism and threat that was seen in Gone Girl to this erotic, mental thriller.

In a talk with Vogue Spain translated by People, Affleck talked about his co-star, Ana De Armas, and her immense skills, stating that the first time they went through the scenes together made it very clear that she was going to do something unique with a very complicated character…and that her role is the instrument of the plot and needs her to fluctuate between tragic events and sarcasm or between pragmatism and most grotesque comedy.

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Is There Any Behind Scenes Information?

The shooting started on November 4th, 2019 in New Orleans. Many months after that Affleck and De Armas were in a very open relationship, going on holidays together and also searching for a house. They dated for almost a year after meeting on the set of Deep Water.

The duo gradually parted ways due to De Armas not being willing to move into Los Angeles where Ben lives with his children. Though they are not together anymore, fans will be able to enjoy the real-life ardor and romance between Affleck and De Armas shot on camera while they play their complicated and sensual roles.

When Will Deep Water Be Released?

Originally slated to hit the theaters in November 2020, the movie was postponed twice and is now set for theatrical release in January 2022. With sensual twists and turning points and thwarted by ill-luck stars in the cast, there are high hopes that this sexual thriller will be of full value after its long wait.

Where Will You Be Able to Watch Deep Water?

Made by 20th Century Studios, it has not been declared whether the movie will have a theatrical or OTT release. Since 20th Century Studios don’t have their own streamer, their movies are usually shared between HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Hulu. This being a big title and probably an R-rated film, it can be expected to be streamed on HBO’s platform. 

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