Biden’s First Year: Kamala Harris Hit by Staff Exodus Amid Controversies 

This article contains all the information related to the mass departures of White House staff of vice president Kamala Harris’ team in the first year of Biden’s presidency. It also has details about the new appointees and about the person who left office along with the opinions of the Vice President and the President.

Introduction to What Has Happened

In her first year in office, Vice President Kamala Harris has overseen many important staff departures as well as decreasing approval numbers and rumors of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Harris was hit by a tough first year, with specific questions being raised over her administration of the trouble at the US-Mexico border after President Biden gave her the responsibility of foreign outreach to other countries in Central America. Simultaneously, she has found it difficult to keep staff in her group. 

About the Officials Who Left

The communications director of Harris, Ashley Etienne left office in November to go for other ventures. This news transpired after accounts of vexation between the offices of Harris and Biden amid lingering scores of approval for Harris.

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CNN describes that her deputies felt disapproved because she faces thankless tasks without the protection of the White House and its staff being utterly hopeless at her lack of empathy. Shortly after the resignation of Etienne, Synome Sanders declared she would be leaving at the end of the year. Harris’ office implied that Sanders, who is a senior assistant her main spokesperson will be missed for her need.

A White House representative told Fox News that Symone has worked respectably for three years. First as an important member of the 2020 presidential campaign, then as a member of his transformation group, and now as the deputy adviser to the president and chief spokesperson to the vice president.

Harris told the interviewers that she loves Symone and is eager to see what she will do next. She is sincerely waiting to observe what Symone does after putting in three years of hard and hectic work for the country.

However, Harris refused to make a remark when she was asked about whether Sanders leaving the office was due to some internal disturbance in office, replying that she told how she felt about Symone.

New Staff Members and What’s Next for the Vp

Biden’s First Year: Kamala Harris Hit by Staff Exodus Amid Controversies 
Biden’s First Year: Kamala Harris Hit by Staff Exodus Amid Controversies

In January, Vincent Evans, who was the vice president’s deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs for about a year, resigned to join as the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus. The White House staff implied that the egressing of many officials do not indicate that Harris is a bad supervisor.

In December, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the White House has a past of noticing departures of the important personnel and explained the work as exhausting when she was questioned by reporters on the environment of work in the vice president’s office.

Psaki told the reporters that working on a presidential campaign and working in the first year of a White House is exhilarating and rewarding but also grueling and tiring. It is the combination of everything at once. In the meantime, the officials who are newly appointed also caused some problems for already troubled Harris.

Jamal Simmons, the new communication director of Harris, expressed apology in January after a 2010 tweet came out in which he questioned why illegal immigrants seen on television were not being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In the tweet, Simmons said he just saw 2 unaccounted people talking on MSNBC and that one was a law student and another a protester. And he tweeted asking for an explanation why ICE was not nabbing them. 

He, later on, made it clear that he was not implying that ICE would arrest them. He said in his statement that as an expert for most of his career he has tweeted a lot and talked many things on public issues. At times he has been sarcastic, impartial, or just clearly missed his point.

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He sincerely expressed regret for hurting those who care as much as he does about making America the best, multi-ethnic, diverse democracy possible. He further mentioned that assuming his role to represent the Biden-Harris administration is important for him and he will do that with humility, honesty, and respect. 

Remarks of the President

In a press conference on the day before the first anniversary of his presidential inauguration, President Biden clearly stated that Harris would accompany him as the number one deputy for the reelection in 2024. And he thinks she is doing a fine job after being put on charge.

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