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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: We Have Exciting Information About the Release Date Status!

This article has all the information about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80. Most of the fans have been eagerly waiting to know Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 release date, time, plot summary, and other details. We have updated all the details about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 on this page.

Brief Introduction About the Manga Series

A new sequence is getting ready for you. The “Granola the survivor” arc is soon going to end. Granola is prepared for his ultimate battle. Are you prepared to witness Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80? A faint glance of the next chapter of the manga series has been released.

Will Granolah sustain in his final battle? Will he defeat Gas? Stay tuned with us to get all the details about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80, here itself. 

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date. Do We Have a Release Date?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is just close by. Manga fans are eagerly waiting to read the next chapter of the manga series. It is supposed to be released this week. Surely, the readers are excited to go into the final battle of the tale of Granola.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is ready and slated to be released on 20th January 2022. The patience of the fans is going to be paid off.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80

Let us quickly go through the last chapter of the immensely popular manga tale. In the last chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, we saw Granola in an advantageous position over gas. The battle has started. Both sides discussed their dragon ball powers.

The battle is going to be difficult for both of them. All these days, Granola has practiced hard. He has mastery in certain new and unique methods. These are not known to Gas. He was surprised by the new moves Granola.

But hey there, don’t consider him to be weak. He will find a way to come back to Granola. Gas vs Granola is sure to be the ultimate battle for the Granola the Survivor arc. The ending to this sequence will ensure the beginning of the next sequence.

Prepare yourself to observe the twists and turns. The plot is going to be escalated. Manga fans are thrilled to go deep into the series. We are really curious to know about the conclusion of the Granolah arc. Let’s not wait anymore and go straight into the topic.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Plot

The previous chapter started the beginning of Granolah’s ultimate battle. The upcoming chapter certainly has an extremely emotional battle for the fans. Be prepared to witness Granolah vs. Gas. The Granolah the Survivor Arc is soon going to be concluded.

Gas and the rest of the Heaters are prepared with their superpowers. It is going to be a fierce battle for Granolah. Some of the methods of Granolah were a problem for Gas. But with time, he has readied himself. He knows how to face Granolah.

Will he defeat Granolah? Granolah will be beaten by Gas? What will happen in the fight? Well, that can only be known when the chapter is released. That is all for now, to get more information on the most recent manga and anime stories, stay connected with us.

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