Seaspiracy: Release Date/cast/ Streaming Site

This article contains all the information about the documentary film Seaspiracy. It also includes details about its release date, cast, plot summary, streaming platform, and opinions and reviews by the fans.

Are you a seaspiracy fan and want to know more about it? Here is all the information.

About Seaspiracy

It is essential for you to collect all the details about Seaspiracy. It is a 2021 movie, which is actually shown as a documentary. It is directed by Ali Tabrizi and produced by Kip Anderson.

The cinematography and editing are taken care of by Ali Tabrizi and Lucy Tabrizi. The music is given by Benjamin Sturley. The production companies include A.U.M Films, Disrupt Studios. It is advertised by Netflix. The duration of the movie is 89 minutes and the language is English.

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Seaspiracy Story

The plot is the most important part of the film. A good plot entices the fans and gathers all the positives from critics. This film is basically a documentary about fishing and it describes how the environment is affected by fishing and other human activities that disturb fishing. It is in English.

It also has multiple reasons as to how humans impact marine life. Through this film, we will be able to see that fish consumption and their farming is harming the marine living. The film has an educational significance which will impress the fans.

Seaspiracy Release Date

Seaspiracy: Release Date
Seaspiracy: Release Date

People are curious to know about the release date and are asking many questions about the release date. But the wait has finally ended for the fans. It was released in the year 2021 on 24th March.

Where to Watch

The documentary film is streaming on Discovery Plus with the premium. It is also available on Netflix.

Seaspiracy Cast

The cast includes Sylvia Earle, Paul Watson, and Ric O’Barry.

Seaspiracy Production and Reception

Seaspiracy has received all the funds for film-making and support from the British renewable energy industrialist Dale Vince. The same crew worked in the last film with Ali Tabrizi also previously directing the film, Vegan released in 2018.

This documentary has received the rating as the top 10 most-watched films on Netflix in many countries. 

Seaspiracy Reviews

The documentary film is appreciated by most fans. It is the backdrop of the substance of a frail secret which is divulged, how destroying an effect fishing has on marine life and the environment. It also reveals the misconduct, pollution, and emotions associated with the marine industry.

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The direction and explanation by the British filmmaker are exceptionally good. It has a positive effect on its viewers. The effort put in by the crew members and the dangers they go through during the making of this film is immense and their work is commendable.

It is the most critically amazing film about fishing. The film has faced sanctions of misconduct by the government and fishing communities in the enforcement of the film. It also had to cover a lot of educational aspects and other documentaries to be made.

Scientists have also played their part and certain important parts in the film are actually true. Seaspiracy has received 4.8 stars out of 5 by the audience and 3374 ratings. It has got a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

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