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Urusei Yatsura Release Date Status, Characters and Plot

This article contains all the information about the new anime show Urusei Yatsura and its release. It also details its characters and what possible storyline could be predicted about the show.

Brief Introduction About the Show

Is it just me or at times your day is not up to it and nothing seems right? And everything you do gets botched up. Like getting into a fight or appeasing to play a game to decide your luck.

Yes, there you are! We are referring to this popular series in which the characters play a game that transpires to end the world along with the presence of a foreign world princess. And if it looks like a lot then you should surely watch the show.

The central character of the series Urusei Yatsura will be seen not having much of fate on his side and he is going to be at a juncture where he is liable for mayhem in the whole world. And fortunately, it is not the worst-case scenario for Ataru. His story is also getting known once again.

By once again we mean this is not the only time it was adapted from the manga show of 1978. This show ran from 1981 to 1986 was a huge hit at that time. Therefore it was thought by the makers that the show needed some acknowledgment after so many years. And we can anticipate having a whole new feature in this series.

Moreover, this animation series is going to be filmed by David Production. So let’s go into it and see what is already known about the show so far.

Urusei Yatsura Release Date

Urusei Yatsura Release Date
Urusei Yatsura Release Date

According to reports, the news about the making of this new series “Urusei Yatsura” was revealed on the 1st of January Edition of a Japanese daily named Sankei Shimbun. When the proclamation was made public only a little bit of details about the show were given.

The series is going to be first aired on Japanese television and subsequently, it will be released on an official website. Moreover, the show is now present on YouTube and the trailer implied that the series is going to come out anytime in 2022.

Despite the fact that the makers have not made any official announcement about the particular date on which the series is going to premiere it is expected that the fans have to wait until summer. But we will keep you posted about any updates about the show.

Urusei Yatsura Characters

As much as we are only aware of one character of the show “Urusei Yatsura” portrayed by Ataru Moroboshi. However, it is certain that there are many characters going to be present in the plot. Urusei is not just a high schooler but will be the most gallant and courageous man in the whole world.

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Though his alien spouse was not a lot worried about his disposition and adored him. As per the sources it was mentioned that the voice of Ataru is by the voice artist Hiroshi Kamiya.

And if mentioned in other reports, his alien fiancé with blue hair would be playing that role in this special anime romance while opposed Melody would be majestic and Cherry does not have much information about the whole Mankind and creates Trouble. She will be voiced by the eminent actress Sumire Uesaka.

Urusei Yatsura Plot

For now, no valid announcement has been made about the release and no official storyline has been released yet. But here is how we’re expecting the story to come. As told earlier the plot is centrally focused on all the stunts of Ataru and how he mistakenly proposed to his alien princess.

But Ataru would be seen as a teasing character who only wanted to take advantage of her. Furthermore, it was shown that Lum’s group came down to the earth to announce war and reign Earth. Subsequently, Ataru will be selected to represent the earth in his game and battle against aliens in the game known as Tag. Also, he would be up against Lum.

And to aid Ataru in this play Lum keeps driving him and also swears to get married to him after the completion of the game. Ultimately, Ataru beats Lum and is overcome with thoughts to marry his girlfriend. But Lum understands this gesture as a proposal from Ataru and accepts to marry him.

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Now having such an alien partner has led Ataru in many precarious situations having aliens, ghosts, and different other creatures. So do not forget to watch the series and be with us for all the exciting and latest news about your favorite show and characters. 

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