Resident Alien Season 2 Watch Trailer and Release Date Status

This article contains all the information related to the trailer and release date of Resident Alien Season 2. It also includes a brief plot description about Season 1 and the characters and also about what to expect in Season 2.

About Resident Alien

The first season of Syfy’s Resident Alien was an unexpected success, emerging as the most-watched new cable drama in total watchers in 2021. It was also Syfy’s highest-rated new drama show in more than six years in total viewers and was the runner-up in time-shifting gain for any television drama in the same category in 2021.

This is why the network did not hesitate to proceed with Season 2. Let’s understand what you need to know about it and its premiere.

Story So Far

In the starting 10 episodes of the series, referring to the Dark Horse comic by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, the focus was on Alan Tudyk’s extraterrestrial creature substituting Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle in Patience, Colorado.

After crash-landing, he killed the doctor and took into his appearance to assume his shape, recovered missing tech, and triggered a doomsday device.

The alien reckoned this operation would earn him admiration back home as his kind, after centuries of assisting the human race, now considered mankind as a danger due to their war-hungry notions. This led to a dispute within him, though Harry nurtured empathy for the snowy town.

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Heroes and Villains in Season 1

Though not a hero because Harry tried to find the missing accessories to his bomb, he developed animosity against a kid, Max, who was able to view through his concealed appearance. Max and his young pal, Sahar, tried to uncover the truth about Harry, however, they became friends with him gradually.

Unfortunately, Harry’s personal life was more than slightly disarrayed, like it happens when you assume someone else’s form. But thanks to his crush on his assistant, Asta, which made him hopeful. Deep inside, Harry liked the people he came across, including D’Arcy, who is Asta’s witty friend, and Ben, the mayor.

But when Asta turned him down after knowing that he was responsible for the death of the doctor, he detonated the bomb. There were different villains like Sheriff Mike and his subordinate Liz, who were apparently trying to do their work and solve the mystery of who killed Sam, the doctor whom Harry replaced.

Some were even more evil, like Asta’s toxic ex, Jimmy and Linda Hamilton’s General McCallister. McCallister sent for two government authorities, Lisa and David, to search for the alien but woefully, Lisa was found to be sociopathic, almost killing the family Max to reach Harry.

Resident Alien Season 2 Premiere – and What’s the New Story?

Resident Alien Season 2
Resident Alien Season 2

Season 2 will be released on Jan. 26 on Syfy at 9 P.M. ET and from the introductory and teasers, Harry will make an attempt to establish his connection with mankind and fetch his place as one among them.

At the end of Season 1, he had developed a conscience, triggering the device in space, but it was clear that he and Max had come back home in his ship. With the summer fully flowing, they will have a best friend connection, with Sahar also guiding Harry on how to court Asta.

Harry also had romantic hit-offs with D’Arcy, and an ex-wife who did not realize he assumed the Doctor’s body, so in Season 2 we will see Asta, who is aware of his identity now, tries to save the truth from reaching them.

She will also need the assistance of the kids, as they all are aware that concealment of the truth is the only possible manner to protect him and the town safe from the military. 

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Heroes and Villains in Season 2

Season 2 will give an analysis of the different plots in Patience, even more, focusing on Max’s parents reconciling their marriage, D’Arcy dealing with moving on from Ben and not believing in Asta, and Asta attempting to bond with Jay after she put her up for adoption when she was a kid.

Nathan Fillion’s Octopus will pose as Harry’s forebear in a restaurant fish container, whereas Alex Borstein’s Carlyn, a new person in the town, seems to be involved romantically with Harry too. However, there are still some people out there who could pose a threat to the town.

Mike and Liz are inspecting the poisoning of Sam which could reveal the secret of Harry and relieve him of recovery, making them oblivious enemies. But more so, McCallister and Lisa will be up for vengeance after Max duped them into trapping the wrong doctor, Ethan.

If he survives, he could also turn against Harry, but fortunately, David is prepared to change sides and help Harry after Lisa and McCallister fail in killing their hostage soldier to keep the design hidden.

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