Dexter: New Blood: Are Astor and Cody in the Finale?

This article contains all the details regarding Dexter: New Blood and the happenings in the show. It also includes whether Astor and Cody will appear in the new series and the remarks of the showrunner.

About Dexter: New Blood

Much is going on in Dexter: New Blood, from the return of Harrison Morgan to the inspection into his father, the serial killer killing Dexter Morgan. However, something that has not happened is a reference to Astor and Cody Bennett, who are the stepchildren of Dexter from his wedding to the late Rita Bennett.

It was known that many characters would return on Dexter: New Blood. But nothing is sure about Astor and Cody. Will they be there in Dexter: New Blood. Here’s why they’ve not been seen.

The Series Is Set in a New World

When the series starts, it has almost been a decade since Dexter feigned his death and escaped to Miami after leaving behind Harrison and Hannah McKay. He resided in the fictional small town of Iron Lake, New York, where he had a new life with the name Jim Lindsay, with a new job and girlfriend.

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But the truth about Dexter begins to be exposed as soon as Harrison suddenly turns up. Harrison describes that he bounced around temporary guardianship after Hannah died of cancer. After that, he decided to find Dexter when he got a letter suggesting he had managed to survive Hurricane Laura.

Some watchers wondered why he wasn’t shown with his siblings, possibly omitting that they were living with their paternal grandparents after Rita’s demise. The last they appeared was in Dexter Season 7 when they visited Dexter for a short while.

Will Astor and Cody Appear on the Revival?

Dexter: New Blood
Dexter: New Blood

The showrunner Clyde Phillips made it clear that Astor and Cody won’t be seen in Dexter: New Blood but he thinks they are living gladly. In a response to TV’s Top Five, he said that they are basically off in the world living their lives.

The actors Christiana Robinson(Astor) and Preston Bailey (Cody) did not show up but were present at the premiere in November. He added that he certainly did not recognize them because they are in their late teens now.

It was great to see them but it just never came up. Phillips explained that there was only enough to be put into New Blood without making it jammed. He said that they had a sufficient story. There was no space to show Astor and Cody. He also hoped that the fans of the show are loyal and are going to stay with the show.

He also clarified their intentions to entice an entirely new set of viewers who were either too young to watch the show or had no time to watch in the past. Dexter: New Blood has definitely been a hit, enough for the fans to crave for another season.

Despite being a limited series, Phillips has not done away with the probability of Dexter: New Blood Season 2. He told TV’s Top Five to never say never. He reiterated that anything can happen and he was not going to commit that this was the actual end of the franchise since that kind of response would be quite disclosing.

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The Series will conclude on Jan. 9

Dexter: New Blood will end its 10-episode show on Sunday, Jan. 9. Phillips claimed that the final episode is his best work despite the cast and crew members not revealing any information related to the episode.

He told TVLine that the episode is going to be startling, inevitable, and explode on the Internet. Personally, it is the best thing he has written. The director, Marcos Siega also thinks that it is the best thing he has ever directed. Phillips seemed really excited about the 10th episode and said that he can’t wait to tell the truth.

Watch the show at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays on Showtime.