Archer Season 13 Needs to Fix the Show’s Character Problem

The 2009 American sitcom Archer is renewed for its thirteenth season. The sitcom requires to address its biggest character issue coming out of the coma seasons. Initially, a straight-up spy comedy, Archer started to play with its formula starting in fifth season, Archer Vice, when the gang turned into drug smugglers and got ahead of the agency.

In the seventh season, then a private detective, after Archer was shot, slipped into a coma that extended to the complete three seasons, Archer Dreamland, Archer: Danger Island, and Archer: 1999, occurring completely in his head. Finally, this illusion came to an end in episode 9 of tenth season.

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Brief of the Past Seasons

The centre of Archer is the messed-up relationship between Sterling (played by H. Jon Benjamin) and his mother Mallory (played by Jessica Walter). A group of weird freaks float around them along with underground wrestler Pam (played by Amber Nash), ditzy heiress Cheryl/Carol (played by Judy Greer), and Archer’s activist former girlfriend Lana (played by Aisha Tyler).

Whilst ample jokes fly during the course of each episode, it is the character which compelled fans to fall in love with the sitcom. Choices like the recurrence to Mallory’s terrible diagnosis of Archer as a child compared with Lana’s immensely pressured upbringing lift their relationships.

When Archer and Lana ultimately return together in the sixth season, it seems like the natural conclusion to years of development.

Sadly, any real development is prevented when Archer slips into a coma. The sitcom beats its context, forming a delusion of alter without even shifting any of the characters forward. The first coma season, Archer: Dreamland, renewed the concept of the show, changing every character and turning the plot way darker.

Although, as it was all taking place in Sterling’s head, nothing among it appeared to be real. Now as we return into the real world, character power requires to matter.

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In the eleventh season, we found Archer impaired and in shock with the changes that had come about during the years he was not conscious. But it didn’t take too much time when it came to Sterling and the sitcom, to restart its state of permanent inaction.

With the beginning of season 12, Archer turns into his old selfish self, just with a stick. Cyril, after shortly replacing Archer as the world’s biggest super-spy, is returned to consistently failing, and Pam and Cheryl are ready for their old hijinks. Even bringing in Archer and Lana’s daughter, now of an age to be a real character, did not lead to growth for either one of her parents. 

Archer’s Character Needs to Evolve

Following the demise of Jessica Walter during the filming of season 12, the thirteenth season will have to bring some adjustments itself in order to cope with her nonexistence.

In wake of that Mallory’s significance to the story is secondary only to Archer’s himself, the gap her character gets ahead of just cannot be covered up. One way to cover the void is to undertake to allow the change in the characters of the show.

A Sterling ultimately out from under the control of his mother is a good stepping stone to a Sterling that could really operate the Agency or be a great parent. Following performing experiments in several, it’s time for Archer to evolve indeed.


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