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Jamie Foxx Beatboxing to Truck Back-Up Beeper Is Everything You Need to Hear Today

Jamie Foxx beatboxes to the sound of a truck backing up to blow off some steam. The 54-year-old actor teaches us to enjoy small things in life no matter how many pending projects and assignments. 

The Extraordinary Career

Jamie Foxx just appeared as Electro, one of the villains that returned in the highest-grossing film of the Spider-Man franchise No Way Home. He has had astonishing accomplishments as an actor, singer, and comedian. From telling jokes at an open bar after accepting her girlfriend’s dare to acting in highest-grossing films, from singing in public gatherings to performing with Kanye West in performances, Foxx has been a hardworking personality, but that has not dulled the spark that he has in his character.

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After having a film that has been a success and having filmed lined up for him, the 54-year-old does not let anyone forget his singing career. He reminds us of his talent with a video in which he beatboxes to the sound of a backing-up truck. The video was posted on Instagram, and the 30-second video showed the funny yet skilled side of Jamie Foxx, enjoying his life at its very best.

The 30-second video

In the video posted on his Instagram account, Jamie Foxx is standing on a roadside, and a truck starts. As soon as the truck begins to reverse and beep, as most trucks do for safety, Foxx synchronizes his beats with the beeping sound perfectly. The actor beatboxes, showing his expertise in the domain, adds base and beat to the ‘performance’ that he started in the middle of the road.

The video gives a very positive vibe as the actor enjoys such little things in his life. The fact that the actor feels safe enough on his social media site to post the video is also a powerful trait of his character. Although the guy has a lot of projects lined up for him, he still gets out time to enjoy his own company, and he knows how to enjoy with just himself.

The reaction of the public

The actor posted the video with a caption, “some people hear a truck backing up..”. The actor’s video has had 360 thousand plus views and is piled up with comments where some people praise his beatboxing skills while others praise his role in the Spider-Man film.

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Up to 60,000 people liked his video. Sam Harmonix even asked the actor to send him the footage privately. Karmel Bortoleti, the Brazilian artist, commented that he is fantastic. The actor got a lot of love and praise for his little performance on the roadside.

The 30-second video of the 54-year-old actor is enough to brighten one’s day up. He looks so full of life in the video that it makes one feel the pleasures life brings us daily, and we all ignore them.

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