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Haikyu Releases New Update of the Season 4’s English Dub

Haikyu Releases New Update of the Season 4

One of the most-watched sports anime series to date, Haikyuu has impressed audiences from around the globe with the already released seasons.

Haikyuu Craze 

An intriguing series, Haikyuu shows the volleyball sport like none other, making the fans go crazy over it. Critics are even calling this series to be an anime that has been inspired by Haruichi Furudate, who is the author of the Haikyuu manga series.

Already ranking among the most-watched series ever, Haikyuu is the perfect blend of comedy, drama and adrenaline-pumping volleyball.

 It has released five seasons till now and through these five seasons, it has earned huge appreciation from anime fans all around the globe. There is hardly any other series that has earned the reputation as Haikyuu in the comedy and sports genre.

 What came as exciting news for the fans is the confirmation of the English dub for Haikyuu season 4. Although season four is up and running and gaining a lot of traction among the fans, the English dub release will certainly take the popularity of the series to the next level.

 The recent update on Blu-ray assures the fans of an English Dub release and people are already getting excited to binge-watch it. Sentai Filmworks confirmed this update on 2022 Blu-ray releases and its marvellous news for the fans of Haikyuu.

Season 4 is slated to hit the shelves on March 29, 2022, and fans can watch all the episodes of season 4 on the Blue-ray collection. The English dub will be there too.

Although certain anime fans often resort to watching their favourite shows without any subtitles, the majority of the fanbase however needs English dubs to follow along.

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Ever since the premiere in 2014, Haikyuu has kept on impressing audiences from all parts of the world, thus the English dub release update is currently the talking point. Dubbing work for Haikyuu is under the responsibility of Sentai Filmworks. 

The final date for the dub release, however, is not decided yet but if you look into the track record of Sentai Filmworks, it can be assumed the dub release will be done some time at the start of 2022.

In the past with Haikyuu Season 3, Sentai Filmworks took about 3 years to get the dub released. While the original was broadcast in 2016, the dubbed version debuted only in 2019. 

So, what’s the option for the fans who cannot wait to start watching season 4? Well, the only option is Netflix and other anime sites that stream with English subtitles. 

What to Expect in Haikyuu Season 4? 

Karasuno High School’s adventure continues in seasons, keeping the excitement alive for the fans. Viewers can see the team preparing for the Nationals yet again while Hinata’s and Kageyama’s extensive training on their own will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Some valuable lessons are to be learnt from the adventures of Hinata and Kageyama as well.

The Karasuno Volleyball team is ready to fight it out in the Volleyball Nationals but what comes as a huge turning point is breaking apart of the team. Crucial members of the team, Kageyama and Tsukishima are forced to temporarily break away from the team and special camps. 

While Kageyama is attending the prestigious All-Japan camp and Tsukishima heading towards the Miyagi special camp, the rest of the team is not giving up on the dream to win the Nationals. The team is daunting their way through the practice matches, Hinata is under the impression of being left behind. 

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The situation intimidates Hinata so much that he ends up crashing the training camp and leaves everyone surprised by his actions. Following this stunt, Hinata is forced to only watch the matches from the sidelines. 

This punishment however changes the outlook for Hinata and certainly inspires him to take his game to the next level.

Through the multiple challenges and games, the fourth season will come to an end as the Karasuno Volleyball team is all ready to play their second game.

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